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St. Jude Children's Hospital Breaks Record!

A house can make more of an impact than you can imagine. For example, in Cleveland, Ohio, Buckingham Homes has constructed a record-breaking house to be raffled off to raise money for the St. Jude...

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Radiant Floor Heating - A Popular Alternative

Forced air heat systems have traditionally been the most common method of heating used in homes. More recently, radiant heating has become a popular alternative source for heat. Radiant heat adds value and...

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Choosing The Best Possible Bathroom Floor

The flooring is a key element of a bathroom for obvious reasons. Given the utilitarian nature of the space, it has to be equipped to suffer a great deal of wear and tear, largely stemming from the...

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Diy Home Improvements On The Rise In America

Improving and renovating your residence every now and then is a natural part of living in it. Appliances will need to be replaced, kitchen and bathroom fixtures may wear out and you may just become sick...

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Going About An Energy Efficient Bathroom Remodel

You might make the decision to remodel your bathroom for any number of reasons. Perhaps you've become sick and tired of the inelegant fixtures your sink and tub came with when you bought the house. Maybe...

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