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“Home Market is on the Up-Turn for 2012”

As we near the end of the year and survey the 2011 housing market, it is clear that it has struggled to maintain and sustain measurable growth. And, the lack of stability and minimal growth in the market over this past year has been a source of tension and anxiety for remodelers and builders alike […] Now this week in the news, home industry experts are projecting measurable growth in 2012, a prediction that was once forecasted to remain flat. National Association of Realtors (NAR) Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun expects to see stronger home sales over the next fiscal year, predicting a 2012 Gross Domestic Product rise to 2.2 percent from 2011’s 1.8 percent growth. Read More

"Bathroom Floor Radiant Heat Review – WarmlyYours”

As part of finishing our basement, we added a bathroom with a tile floor. As we worked on the plans, one thing that I remember from a friend’s finished basement in VT is how cold a tile floor can be on a concrete slab. The first time that I stepped on it in the morning in the winter, I almost jumped a foot. Therefore, when planning our new basement, we once again turned to our friends at Warmly Yours for their individual room radiant floor product. We had used the Warmly Yours product in our last house and had it installed in both the mudroom and the master bathroom of our current home. Read More

"Radiant Floor Heat – The 4 Methods of Installation"

If you are living in an extremely chilled environment, and would like to enjoy the warmth of the stovetop around you, you can try installing radiant heat system at your home or at your business place. It is truly a wonderful experience and keeps you quite comfortable throughout the day. Read More

"Cold Floors, Be Gone!"

We own a farmhouse built in the 1880s and in the winter the mudroom and laundry room were miserably cold. Any snow that we brought in on our shoes would stay frozen on the floor. And, the chill would bleed into the kitchen from the connected mudroom. We needed a better solution; that’s when we found WarmlyYours! Read More


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