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"Share Your Story Winner: The Peace of Mind of a Sound Investment"

I'd like to say a big thanks to WarmlyYours Radiant and my account rep. Chad Braker for their help and assistance. Chad was actively available to help me all throughout the quote, purchase, and installation process – making sure that I was taken care of every step of the way.

With elderly parents and slick wooden stairs leading into my home, Chad helped me choose the portable HeatTrak mat product from WarmlyYours – since I wasn’t looking to replace my steps completely. I also travel for a living, and with home-bound 80+-year-old parents in NE Ohio it helps to know their access to our home using stairs is safe. Even with a handicap lift available ten feet away; the stairs are what they use. Given a choice, wouldn't you? Read More

"Green Bathrooms and Bathroom Remodeling"

As we head into an age where environmental concerns are coming to the forefront – it’s only natural to want to seek out environmentally-friendly options for your home as well. Fortunately, being environmentally-friendly around your home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style in return for sustainable options. Remodeling your bathroom in particular is a great place to start, since everything from flooring to lighting can be readily replaced with products that are intended to be green yet attractive. Read More

"5 Tips for a Healthier Home"

When at home, most people spend about 90% of their time indoors. When spending so much time inside your house, your house’s health can have a huge impact on your health! If you suddenly become ill, it may be because your house is sick.

It is very important to make sure that your home is healthy in order for you to be healthy! Here are five tips that can help insure both your health and that of your home. Read More

"Your Guide to Electric Radiant Heat"

With the coming of the 20th century, and even more so now in the 21st century, electric radiant heat has become a primary source of energy and warmth for most Americans. It's not used by everyone, to be sure. But perhaps it's an option you should consider. Maybe this is your dilemma: It’s cold outside and you have one or two rooms away from the central heating system that only serves the upper level of the home. To extend the existing system to accommodate the other rooms will require installation of additional hot and cold air plenum as well as an auxiliary fan, just to move the air. Also, the existing unit would have to be partially re-built to utilize zone heat and an additional thermostat. Read More


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