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Radiant Pro Selling:
Value and Function

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When you’re visiting with potential or current customers, the question may arise, “Isn’t radiant heat a luxury I can do without?” And, how then do you answer that question? Sure, radiant heat is, in fact a luxury, but there is strong merit in the added value and functionality that it offers to your customers.
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Tech Tips: Ground Fault Protection
for Floor Heating

Ground Fault Protection

What is Ground Fault Protection? Ground fault protection or ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is a device designed to provide protection and to prevent electrical shock by breaking the circuit once a difference in currents between hot and neutral wires occurs.
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Industry Intel: Improved Housing Market Report

Improved Housing Market Report

With reports of an improving housing market the industry breathes a sigh of relief. Yes, we all remember the housing market crash of 2008, a record low that everyone in the industry felt deeply. But, thankfully, new reports show that recovery and restoration is on its way. This year, only two months into 2012, the number of housing markets showing significant improvement has nearly doubled.
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Trade Shows 2012

CCA Global
1/16 -1/ 21,
Houston TX

Flooring America 
1/16 - 1/21,
Houston TX

1/16 - 1/21,
Houston TX

1/24 - 1/26,
Las Vegas NV

SEN Spring
3/28 - 3/31,
Atlanta  GA

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Managing Your Project Online

Our floor heating Project Planner makes it easy for Professionals . . .

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A Concord Carpenter Spotlight:

Electric Radiant Heat

concord carpenter video

New England mornings can tempt some of the toughest to roll over, turn off the alarm clock and go back to sleep. Getting out of bed and stepping onto a cold wood or tile floor can send chills up your spine and set the mood for the day.

Research is showing that more and more people are remodeling their homes instead of moving or building new.  In addition, 60% of homeowners 50 years and older intend to stay in their homes through retirement which will also mean aging-in-place remodeling.

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WarmlyYours University

A place where you can come and brush up on your floor heating knowledge.

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