Be RadiantWhat We Stand For

Here at WarmlyYours, we believe that the word, "radiant," goes far beyond our heating products, it resonates in our company culture and to the very depths of who we are. We believe that "radiant" is a way of life – a definition of our living brand. To us, our brand is not simply a logo or a product, but it's our reality.

When we say, BE RADIANT at WarmlyYours, it's not just a thought or a suggestion – but rather, we take it as a commandment, a charge, a deeper calling to be our best selves, while positively encouraging our peers to be the same.

So, what does it mean to BE RADIANT as a WarmlyYours employee? To BE RADIANT means to let your inspiration drive you to take projects to the next level; to achieve excellence through our "blood, sweat, and tears;" to create a full radiant experience for the customer; to go above and beyond for each other and for our customers; to seek to professionally and personally improve each other and ourselves; to be compelled and propelled by new ideas and innovations.

As the living, breathing brand of WarmlyYours – We call you forward to...

  • BE Connected: Engage and serve with each other, the community, and our customers.

  • BE Present: Open and accountable to yourself, to one other and our customers.

  • BE Innovative: Always looking for the next bigger and better advancement in technology, service, and development.

  • RADIATE Positivity: Be a positive force and influence with all whom you engage in life and work.

  • RADIATE Warmth: Seek to communicate warmth and genuine care for others.

  • RADIATE Passion: Exude passion about your job, the products you sell, and the people you are “doing life” with - recognize and show appreciation to each other.

BE WARMLYYOURS. BE RADIANT. YOU are the living brand.

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