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2016 Press Releases

WarmlyYours Report Shows Radiant Heating Sales Outpace Surging Remodeling Industry

Lake Zurich, Ill., November 10, 2016 ⎯ A recent industry report shows that Q3 2016 sales of radiant heating products are outpacing the swift growth of national remodeling activity, which is projected to reach a 10-year zenith in mid-2017

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WarmlyYours Unveils New Display in Prominent Design Center

Lake Zurich, Ill., October 25, 2016 ⎯ WarmlyYours recently completed a new radiant heating display in one of the busiest furniture and accessory showroom facilities in the greater Toronto-area. Continue Reading

WarmlyYours Launches New Line of Radiant Heating Controls

Lake Zurich, Ill., October 18, 2016 ⎯ WarmlyYours Radiant Heating launched a new line of controls for electric radiant heating systems earlier this week. Continue Reading

WarmlyYours Selected as Supply Partner for All Divisions of FEI Group

Lake Zurich, Ill., October 4, 2016 ⎯ WarmlyYours Radiant Heating, a longtime FloorExpo supply partner, will now be a partner to all FEI Group divisions. Continue Reading

WarmlyYours Report Predicts Surprising Growth in Radiant Heating to Coincide with Remodeling Activity

Lake Zurich, Ill., August 11, 2016 ⎯ National benchmarks project consumer spending on renovations to reach pre-recession levels, which could drive significant growth in radiant heating sales. Continue Reading

WarmlyYours Extends Electric Outdoor Heating Products Promotion

Lake Zurich, Ill., June 2, 2016 ⎯ Snow is a Four-letter Word" promotion, which offers consumers 15% off of outdoor heating elements, will now last until the end of June. Continue Reading

WarmlyYours Report Shows Product Sales Outpacing Robust Remodeling Activity

Lake Zurich, Ill., May 4, 2016 ⎯ First quarter sales growth for radiant heating products outpaced an already robust national remodeling market. Continue Reading

WarmlyYours Receives Prestigious Award from Prominent Buying Group

Lake Zurich, Ill., Mar. 29, 2016 ⎯ WarmlyYours Radiant Heating (WarmlyYours) recently received one of the most prestigious awards offered by a prominent North American buying group in recognition of the company’s continual improvement and participation in developing community within the industry. Continue Reading