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Heating Solutions ClearlyYou™ Mirror Defoggers

Previously available only in spas or luxury hotels, now you can enjoy the luxury of a fog-free mirror in your own master bathroom. ClearlyYou™ Mirror Defoggers transmit gentle warmth across the mirror's surface, preventing moisture from forming while you bathe or shower. Self-adhesive backing allows for easy application to any wall-hung mirror in just minutes.

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An Introduction to ClearlyYou™ Mirror Defoggers

mirror defogger

Create A Clear View In Your Luxury Bathroom

The bathroom is a sanctuary for relaxation and pampering, but often it is a room that can leave you feeling frustrated. Stepping out of a hot shower or bath to find the bathroom mirror foggy and virtually useless is not only annoying, but also time consuming. Fortunately, mirror defoggers offer a simple solution to get rid of awful, steamy mirrors.

Safe & Innovative

ClearlyYou™ Mirror Defoggers are the perfect modern accessory for every bathroom. Their safe and innovative heating system eliminates all traces of fog and restores a beautiful, reflective shine to bathroom surfaces. With steam-free mirrors, it is so much easier to complete your personal grooming and enjoy a quality bathroom experience. You can effortlessly dry your hair, apply makeup or shave, and see every detail reflected clearly back at you.


In the past, steam-free mirrors were an indulgence exclusive to luxury spas and resorts. Today, they are an affordable feature available to anyone wanting to add a luxurious touch to a bathroom. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they work at the flick of your light switch, so you benefit from using your makeup mirror or shaving mirror anytime you wish.

Another advantage to mirror defoggers is they make cleaning your bathroom a breeze. Unsightly hand streaks left behind from trying to clear steamy glass are no longer a problem. What's more, mirror defoggers provide you and your guests the advantage of admiring the complete beauty of your bathroom décor at all times.

ClearlyYou™ Mirror Defoggers are slim heating system elements that discretely fit behind any hanging mirror. They spread gentle, even warmth across the surface of the mirror, preventing the buildup of condensation and ensuring you will never be annoyed with foggy mirrors again.

Quick and Easy to Install

Installation of ClearlyYou™ Mirror Defoggers is quick and easy. They come complete with self-adhesive backing, pre-attached power leads, and easy-to-follow directions, so you can start enjoying your steam-free mirror immediately. In addition, when you purchase a WarmlyYours mirror defogger, you receive numerous customer benefits, including buying direct, same day shipping and 24/7 installation and technical support.

Finally, there is a way to enjoy long, hot showers and perfectly clear mirrors, while turning your bathroom into the retreat you deserve. You, your family, and your guests can enjoy your bathroom in comfort and fully admire its design, each and every time.

mirror defogger

ClearlyYou™ Mirror Defoggers

Enjoy the luxury of a fog-free mirror in your own master bathroom. Self-adhesive backing allows easy application to any wall-hung mirror in just minutes. Available in several shapes and sizes. Each WarmlyYours mirror defogger comes with a 1-year warranty.

ClearlyYou™ Mirror Defoggers
  • Easy to install
  • Power lead connects to 120V lighting fixture
  • Available in several shapes and sizes to suit your bathroom mirror