When the weather is cold, or if you’re sitting in a chilly basement, the first thing you probably do is bring out your good old trusty space heater. It’s portable, comforting, and will make you warm… right?

space heaters versus radiant heating

Unfortunately that space heater of yours isn’t as good and trusty as you might think.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission space heaters cause more than 25,000 residential fires every year and more than 300 fatalities.

Space heaters come in many sizes, styles and types. They are available in electric, propane, or gas. Although space heaters can be a great source of heat, they are equally a great source of potential danger.

Space heaters can release carbon monoxide, which is a colorless, odorless gas that causes a variety of health problems. Other potential dangers include burns if touching it while it’s on or accidentally knocking it over. Fires can also result from space heaters if left plugged-in and unattended.

Luckily, we have heating solutions that are safe, luxurious, and comforting.

The WarmlyYours Under Desk Heater is one of the safest alternatives to a life-threatening space heater. This portable, plug-in floor mat is designed to fit conveniently under any desk or anywhere else you need it, and will provide you with extra warmth and comfort whenever and wherever you need it.

Instead of a dangerous space heater that can burn you to touch, the Under Desk Heater has a carpet covering that is so incredibly soft; you will appreciate your Desk Heater just for the way it feels under your fingertips! At a fraction of the energy required by space heaters, the Under Desk Heater is perfect for year round use in your home or office.

LAVA radiant panels from WarmlyYours

Another safe alternative would be our LAVA® Radiant Panel. Winner of the 2011 KBIS ‘Best of Show’ Award, WarmlyYours Radiant Heating Panels are a state-of-the-art glass radiant heating system that will provide you with unparalleled heating performance. It also has an ECO- LAVA® principle, that allows you to maintain the same warmth as a regular heating system but at a lower capacity.

The LAVA® Radiant Panel is proven to reduce your heating expenses by an average of 12% annually. Additionally it is environmentally friendly, and ideal for allergy sufferers. With it’s variety of colors and artistic design that mounts easily to your wall, The LAVA® is a functional and beautiful, decorative piece to add to your home!

And last but certainly not least, our #1 heating solution for any home is our radiant floor heating!

Radiant floor heating systems such as our TempZone™ and Environ II™, can be installed under a wide variety of flooring such as laminate, carpet, hardwood, stone, and tile. Our systems generate an evenly distributed heat throughout your home, radiating up from the floor and does not disturb dust – reducing noise levels, dry air, and possible allergic reactions.

With electric radiant floor heating, heat is delivered to the floor from underneath, which in turn warms the people and objects in the room rather than one, small space in a room. Eliminating inconsistent room temperatures and reducing the percentage of dust mites by 80%, radiant floor heating improves the comfort level in your home while creating a healthier environment for you!

It’s time to say good-bye to that dangerous space heater of yours, and say hello to luxury, comfort, and better health!