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How is Your Roof Holding Up?

You probably don’t live in a house the size of the Metrodome, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about the strength of your roof. Have you seen the video where a man in Alberta, Canada had a snow blower on his roof removing the up to 4 feet of snow that had compacted on his roof? See it here.

Here at the WarmlyYours offices, we’re just beginning to feel spring after a difficult and long winter. And, with a heavy winter snow, can come a great deal of damage to your home’s roof. 

Among your daily activities, thinking about your roof isn’t the top priority. But if neglected, it can cost you a fortune to fix. If a winter storm causes your roof to collapse, experts estimate that it will cost between $8,500 and $10,000 for a new roof (on a ranch style home). If you have a multistory home, it could cost $20,000 or more to fix and replace. If the insurance company pays    for a costly repair like that, your premiums are sure to rise!

Regardless of how you add it up, if you don’t protect your roof, you’ll end up paying for it in the end. We want to offer you a few ideas:

First idea: install a pulley system or winch on your roof. Along with this, you’ll need some sort of safety harness. When it snows, rather than sitting in the warmth of your home, put on your boots (maybe try a good pair of golf shoes with those spikes for traction) lift your snow blower onto the roof and hope that you don’t slide off. You might just make it on CNN! (Our attorneys advise us to tell you that we don’t REALLY suggest doing this. Kids, don’t try this at home.)

Or a second idea: try a WarmlyYours roof-deicing product. Installed directly on your roof, it makes for safe and fast melting of snow and ice that can be potentially damaging to your roof. We also make a gutter deicing system that protects your gutters from pulling off the soffit because of ice and snow buildup.

The snow and ice may have you covered in potential insurance claims but we can fix it before it breaks. Contact us today for a free quote, www.warmlyyours.com or (800) 875-7775. And, don’t forget about our “Melting Hot” Snow Melt and Slab Heat Sale, happening now through April 30. Save up to 20% on our snow melt/slab heat products – take care of the snow and ice on your sidewalks and driveways too!

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We live where it snows most of the year. This year the snow has been extremely bad. 20 inches in 24 hours. My husband works construction so these are some awesome ideas. It is also nice to have heat while building.

It is a great idea to have ways to keep your roof snow and ice free. It is much cheaper in the long run to use prevention. Research the different ideas for snow removal to choose the best one for your roof design and roofing material.

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