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Leveraging Radiant Heat for Cantilevered Office Space

When Gary Mele of Fashion Carpet in New Jersey had a problem, he called Account Manager, Matt Caruso at WarmlyYours to help him solve it. Matt is not a therapist, though he does give out a lot of advice. Giving advice about the most efficient way to warm a space is Matt’s area of expertise.

In a nutshell, the Walsh project involved a bank of executive suites and a conference room in a commercial office building that had a unique challenge – they are cantilevered. While this design element creates a beautiful architectural structure, the overhang of the offices means that the floors are essentially over top of the air, rather than other offices. Quite naturally, that makes them colder than the rest of the office space because they do not have the other offices underneath to provide insulation from the elements. It’s kind of like a bedroom over the garage. It never seems to get as warm as the rest of the bedrooms.

Installing radiant heat at Fashion CarpetFor WarmlyYours, this was a no-brainer. Our TempZone™ floor heating system was designed to handle issues just like Gary’s. Electric radiant heating is perfect for providing supplemental heat, and in some cases, it can even be used as a primary heat source.

The floor heating installation went off without a hitch and Gary videoed the entire process. You have to take a look at it! It’s very well done and is essentially a step-by-step narration of a textbook installation.

Installing radiant heat at Fashion CarpetFirst the high-end carpet tiles were removed and set aside for reinstallation later. Next, the installers cemented ¼” of cork over the concrete flooring to add a layer of insulation. That’s a pretty important step because it optimizes the performance of the radiant heating system.

Installing radiant heat at Fashion CarpetNext the TempZone™ mesh rolls were laid out and “cut & turned” to cover the areas that were most utilized by the office occupants, like the desk area and seating areas within the offices. Each office has a separate floor heating system and programmable thermostat. Each thermostat requires that a sensor probe be installed to monitor the floor’s surface temperature. Both the sensor wire and the cold leads were run back to the thermostat. Finally, the radiant heating system was covered in two layers of thinset and the thermostat electrical hook-up was completed. And, the carpet was reinstalled!

Installing radiant heat at Fashion CarpetCan you imagine a sea of conventional space heaters overloading electrical circuits and blowing heat, causing the air conditioning system to activate? Well…the folks at this office building won’t have to deal with all that…now.

You can view the full installation video here.

Vickie L. Wash, Esq.
Marketing Communications Manager

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When are we going to take this technology to the next level? Imagine the lives, time, and money saved when we can roll this stuff out under every single highway in America as it is being built. Now that's what I'm talking about. I think you should be working with infrastructure companies to develop a robust, affordable version of this technology.

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