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Maximizing a Cheyenne Porch with Affordable Snow Melting

House cover by snow in winter landscape

Cheyenne is the capital and most populous city in Wyoming. Situated on Crow Creek and Dry Creek, Cheyenne lies at the northern boundary of the extensive and fast-growing Front Range Urban Corridor that stretches from Cheyenne to Pueblo, Colorado. Winters are cold and moderately long and snowfall is greatest in March and April, seasonally averaging 60 inches. Regardless of the amount of snow, cold weather can bring ice resulting in slippery surfaces. An effective way to extend your outdoor entertaining season is by adding a snow melting system when installing or replacing a patio or porch. Further, you can ensure that your family and guests can safely access your home with snow melting for driveways and walkways. 

Enjoy Your Porch Longer by Adding Outdoor Heating Underneath 

When these Cheyenne homeowners were adding a porch they both recalled hearing the virtues of outdoor radiant heat on one of the home improvement shows. After doing some research on their own, they decided it was just what they needed to keep the porch ice and snow free through the winter season. They chose a WarmlyYours system with snow melting mats as it was easy to install and would work well under the pavers they had selected for their new porch. Each quote comes with a free no-obligation installation plan, as detailed below.

Porch Snow Melting Floor Plan
Porch Snow Melting Floor Plan

To heat 150 square feet of the porch, the cost for the snow melting mat was $1560.00 or $10.40 per square foot. Even better, the operating cost was very low at only 76 cents per hour to run the snow melting system based on the 10.16 cents per KWh cost in Cheyenne. Next, it was time to decide what control to use for their system that would best meet their needs and budget.

Snow Melting Controls Offer Variety of Choices

Advanced Melting System
Advanced Melting System

There are a wide array of snow melting controls to suit any budget needs and lifestyle preferences from manual and economy to advanced and premium. One simple, affordable option is the WarmlyYours manual snow and ice melting control. UL Listed at 120 VAC operational voltage, this unit features a 12-hour, adjustable timer and a NEMA 1 enclosure with hinged cover that is suitable for use with relay panels.

The option chosen by these Cheyenne homeowners was the advanced snow melting control with automatic and manual override operator controls to minimize operating costs. This advanced control includes an adjustable hold-on timer to continue heater operation up to 8 hours after snow and ice accumulation stop to ensure complete melting. To compare all the snow melting control options click here.

Get Started with a Free Instant Quote and Installation Plan

Interested in how much it would cost to install snow melting in your driveway, porch, patio or walkway? It’s easy to find out by using the WarmlyYours Instant Quote tool. Just enter some basic information about your project and the tool will provide a quote that shows the recommended products along with each cost.

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When you’ve received your quote, it’s a good idea to get a free custom installation plan to insure a worry-free snow melting installation. Each WarmlyYours SmartPlan™ includes an itemized product quote with pricing for your project, along with an electrical plan that explains what you need to ensure optimal functionality of your system, and an installation plan with detailed information to make installing simple. You have several options to get your plan; you can submit a floor plan online with a rough sketch of your project, or contact a WarmlyYours sales representative at sales@warmlyyours.com, or simply call direct at 800-875-5285.

There’s still time to install snow melting this season before the ground freezes, so if you are replacing or installing a new driveway, patio, porch or walkway consider adding an outdoor heating system underneath. Plus, once installation is complete, WarmlyYours snow melting systems are backed by our unbeatable 10-year warranty. In addition, you have 24/7 access to our technical specialists with any installation questions that may arise by calling 800-875-5285.

For more information on our outdoor heating or any of our radiant product line, visit us at www.WarmlyYours.com. We have a radiant heating solution designed to bring comfort and luxury to all areas of the home indoors or out.

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