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Outdoor Radiant Heating Makes Snow Blowers Obsolete

Laura's Parents Driveway with Snow Melt System during winter

We understand if you’re skeptical. These days there are a lot of companies out there that are making some pretty big claims. Words like “amazing”, “extraordinary”, and “life-changing” are just a few of the marketing words being thrown around in the attempt to get you excited but you’ve probably noticed a disappointing truth: The product rarely lives up to the hype. Do your remember the last time you bought a new product and thought that it was “extraordinary”?

We understand if you’re skeptical. At WarmlyYours we have a lot of products that we believe are “amazing” but you’ve fallen for that line before.

If you read our blog last June, you read about the installation of the WarmlyYours snow melting system under the porch and driveway of Symcha B. who also owns Innovative Heating Driveways, a new company just getting its start in the industry.

We did what we do with each of our clients: The customer’s exclusive account manager collected all of the information about the project and then passed it on to the WarmlyYours technical team who not only drew up a proposed plan but also followed up with custom installation plans. Electricians, a paver installer, and the homeowner all worked together to complete this project with the WarmlyYours technical team just a phone call away, even if they were working on the project early in the morning or late at night.

Laura's Parents Driveway with Snow Melt System

This project was finished long before the winter months and although it was an easy install according to the homeowners, testing it during the warm season is hardly a test.

It’s now February and in Canada, where this install took place, the winter is a formidable opponent for it. Let’s set up the situation: It’s winter and 5 inches of snow have fallen and you hear a knock at your door. As you get closer to your front door you can hear the low hum of what sounds like a big truck in your driveway.

You open the door and find a man standing there offering to plow your driveway. You say yes because the thought of moving all of that snow is less than appealing to you. You wait about 10 minutes when he knocks at your door again asking for $20 that you gladly pay. But after he leaves, you take a look at your driveway only to find that the powdery layer of snow is plowed but your driveway still has a thin layer of snow stuck to it that’s going to freeze as soon as the sun goes down. Once again, you’re disappointed with what seemed like a good idea.

We understand if you’re skeptical. You probably think that the WarmlyYours snow melting system performs well but is far from “amazing”. But before you come to that conclusion, take a look at this image and see for yourself:

Forget the snow blower: An outdoor radiant heating system makes snow disappear while you stay warm inside

We understand your skepticism but we believe that this image might make you think twice about installing an outdoor heating system. There are a lot of products on the market that work well but this isn’t one of those run of the mill products. Our outdoor heating system is not only easy to install but it works “amazingly”. If you’re thinking of putting in a new driveway, contact your WarmlyYours sales representative first. Then you can sell your snow blower.

More images of this installation are available on our Flickr Page.

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