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Radiant Floor Heating In A Boston House With A Cold Kitchen Floor

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The kitchen floor in this Boston home was bone-chillingly cold, located directly above an unheated garage. Walking barefoot to get your morning coffee or having the kids play on the kitchen floor close by while preparing dinner was simply out of the question.

To solve this problem, the owner installed a WarmlyYours' Environ II™ radiant floor heating system for laminate and engineered wood floors. The Environ II™ consists of a wafer thin heated mat that installs quickly and easily between the pad and the floating wood flooring. There's no messy cement required. In fact, it's so easy it can be installed by a DIYer, with only an electrician required to hardwire the thermostat.

Today the kitchen is comfortably warm and inviting despite the harsh New England winters. Even though the garage is bitter cold just inches beneath, above it the kitchen floor with the Environ II radiant floor heating system is a balmy 80 degrees keeping those toes cozy while adding supplemental warmth to the whole room.
As you can see by the photographs, the installation was completed after first installing a thin, blue-pad insulation.

When installing any electric floor heating system over a cold garage, cement slab or crawl space, it is important to keep in mind that an additional layer of insulation is recommended. Without insulation, depending on the particular job conditions, the floor may get to only 70 – 75 degrees. While this is a vast improvement over a chilly 55-degree floor, you won't get the nice warm feeling that an 80-degree floor would provide and the 'warm' floor will have almost no effect on the room temperature besides simply canceling the chilling effect of a cold floor. A few degrees can sometimes make all the difference. For more information about insulation, please visit:


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