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Safety Tips That Can Make The Difference In Your Child's New Nursery

Safety tips that can make the difference in your child

With a bundle of joy on the way, you're probably already putting hard work into your baby's new nursery and looking for a few child-friendly improvements. While this is certainly a place to show off your decorative flair, there are a few precautions you should keep in mind that can make your nursery a safer environment. Your little one is going to be crawling around the space before you know it, so it's best to get these alterations out of the way before your baby comes home. Keep the following tips in mind as you're putting together the look of your child's nursery.

1. Carpeted floors. As your child grows up, he or she will begin to crawl and play in his or her room, and this could lead to unfortunate tumbles as he or she learns to walk. To ensure that your child has a low-impact surface to play on, carpeted floors may be your best bet. However, before you install this floor covering, be sure to investigate radiant heat options for the room. The Environ II™ from WarmlyYours installs directly between the carpet and padding to provide an energy-efficient source of heating that can benefit the room year-round.

2. A safe changing table. According to TLC, you should invest in a changing table with rails on all sides. This can prevent the risk of falls in the event that your baby starts to wiggle or flail during a diaper change. You can even find designs that have safety belts that will keep your child safe during the changing process. Most importantly, be sure to find one with a comfortable changing pad to stay cozy during each changing.

3. Bedroom windows. Windows can be an especially dangerous area of the nursery for your child, so ProjectNursery.com suggests moving your child's crib away from the the window and out of harm's way. You should also take a close look at your window treatment - blind cords and curtain pulls are major strangulation hazards, so replace these with cordless designs before your little one moves in.

These quick and easy safety improvements are functional additions to your child's room that will continue to come in handy as your child becomes a toddler and begins to explore his or her new environment.

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