master bathroom after remodel with radiant heat

Over the years, we’ve received customer stories about how our products have improved the comfort in their lives and in the lives of their own clients too. With these stories, we always feel a special connection to our customers, and are humbled to know how our products have brought comfort and a well-deserved retreat-like environment in their homes.

This month’s “Share Your Story” winner is from faithful customers and experienced remodelers, Lorri and Ralph Lewis, who installed WarmlyYours TempZone™ Cut & Turn Rolls in their own home in 2003 and 2005.

We call this testimonial, “Share Your Story” – an oldie but a goodie! Enjoy!

In 2000, we purchased a 20-year-old home in California and we knew we would be remodeling the bathrooms first. Both of us have extensive remodeling experience and my husband is an Electrician. We live outside of Auburn, CA where it doesn't get too cold in the winter, so we don't normally heat the house except with a wood stove. But warmth in the bathroom was very important. We have ceiling heaters, but the floor on a cement slab was terribly cold.

master bathroom before remodel

Our first bathroom remodel was in 2003. We searched around for solutions while planning and tearing out the entire bathroom. And, one day, my husband found an advertisement in one of his house remodeling/building magazines on floor heating systems. We’d seen similar systems used on TV shows, but nothing that would work between the cement slab and the tile … and then we found, WarmlyYours!

I sketched the layout of the bathroom and sent the drawing file to WarmlyYours, and in no time, I had a quote and installation design plan for warming the cold tile floor. The product was easy to install - yes we did our own tile laying - and it was easy to connect the electrical and program the thermostat.

I must say, there is nothing finer than walking barefoot into the bathroom and feeling that warm tile under your feet. After remodeling the first bathroom there was no question we would use the same product in the second bathroom remodel.

We found rather quickly that the WarmlyYours floor heating kept the bathroom warm in the winter and combined with the local ceiling heater, there was no need to turn on the heat in the entire house!

installing WarmlyYours radiant floor heating in a bathroom remodel

I found myself counting the days until we remodeled our second bathroom, of course, using WarmlyYours. The second installation was even easier than the first! I now recommend to anyone remodeling a bathroom that they really need to consider the WarmlyYours product. I travel quite a bit and there is nothing worse than walking into a tiled bathroom floor and finding a cold floor!

Thank you for such a wonderful product and providing me with the ability to save energy in our home.

Thanks again! This is an awesome product!

Lorri & Ralph Lewis


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