WarmlyYours TempZone Electric Radiant Floor Heating Flex Roll Kit 1.5′ x 27′ (40.5 Sq. Ft) with nSpire WiFi Touch Programmable Thermostat & Circuit Check for use under Tile, Marble, LVT, Vinyl, Hardwood (120V)

WarmlyYours TempZone Electric Radiant Floor Heating Flex Roll Kit 1.5′ x 27′ (40.5 Sq. Ft) with nSpire WiFi Touch Programmable Thermostat & Circuit Check for use under Tile, Marble, LVT, Vinyl, Hardwood (120V)
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  • Covers 40.5 Sq. Ft, Specs: 5.06 Amps, 23.72 Ohms, 608 Watts, 120 Volts

  • WarmlyYours TempZone™ Flex Roll is perfect for installation underneath ceramic tile, natural stone, nailed hardwood, wood, and other popular flooring materials, this cut-and-turn roll consists of a heating cable secured with double-sided tape onto a fiber-glass mesh, and the heating cable is distributed in serpentine 3" apart loops, which helps deliver even heating throughout flooring areas, with a 1/8" low profile twin conductor, 1 return lead, fits any room shape without significantly raising the floor height

  • This dual voltage (120V/240V) thermostat comes with Wi-Fi capabilities and built-in self-testing GFCI, allows you to control your floor heating system remotely, features "Child-Lock" function and a crystal-clear 3.5” full color touchscreen, complimentary floor sensor allows for energy efficient operation of your floor heating system, with the ability to set up 6 separate temperature events per day and the integrated install wizard, lets you customize your comfort while cutting down on operating cost

  • This exclusive Circuit Check was developed by WarmlyYours for use in monitoring the floor heating system before, during and after installation, gives you peace of mind and ensures trouble-free installation of your radiant floor heating system, beeps immediately if the heating cable is damaged and a short or break occurs, will alert the installer to a potential problem before the floor covering is installed

  • 15 Watts Per Sq. Ft, 15' Cold Lead

TempZone™ Flex Rolls Description

The WarmlyYours floor heating kit with mesh is designed for applications until tile, stone and nailed hardwood floors. TempZone™ Flex Roll allow for radiant heating at an affordable cost. Install radiant heating in front of your kitchen appliances and bath fixtures for a warm path of under floor heat where you stand the most. These are perfect for providing radiant spot heating for moderately sized bathroom and kitchen floors or just the high traffic cooking areas of larger kitchens, powder rooms or in front of a vanity. 

Due to its WiFi capabilities, this programmable thermostat, with built-in self-testing GFCI, allows you to control your floor heating system with your smartphone or on the web. If you have a busy schedule, the nSpire Touch WiFi’s ability to be controlled remotely can translate into huge energy savings without sacrificing comfort or convenience. With its crystal-clear 3.5” full color touchscreen display, the dual voltage (120V/240V) nSpire Touch WiFi is as easy to operate as it is to look at. The integrated Install Wizard and easy-programming options make set up a breeze. This model provides maximum control over the floor temperature with 6 programmable events for each day of the week. Also includes floor sensor.



Amps 5.7 A
Cable Length 157.8′
Floor Load 0.675 kW
Ohms 23.7 Ω
Ohms Per Ft 0.15 Ohm/ft
VOP 64
Voltage 120 V
Watts 675 W
Watts Per Sq. Ft. 15 Watts Per Sq. Ft.

Warranty / Certifications

Approvals cULus listed
Warranty 25 Year Warranty
Wet Location Listed US, Canada


BTU Per Hour 2303 Btu

Product Dimensions

Cold Lead Length 15′
Coverage 45 ft²
Heating Element Thickness 0.125″
Length 5.125″
Width 3.25″


Country of Origin (COO) India


Floor Types Commonly installed beneath tile and stone


SKU TRT120-KIT-OW-1.5x27
UPC (GTIN-12) 881308056377

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How do I work with my electrician to install WarmlyYours electric floor heating?

While WarmlyYours electric radiant floor heating systems are typically installed by your floor covering contractor, a licensed electrician is recommended for the final thermostat hook-up. With every quote, we provide an Installation Plan layout, together with an electrical plan that has all the info required for the electrician.

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How can I determine what I need for my floor heating project and how can I find out what my floor heating system will cost?

You can use the Instant Quote Tool, which gives you many options for your floor heating coverage. Use this interactive tool to design your room online and receive an instant quotation with product recommendations, rough-in and installation kits, cost of your control, etc. Planning your floor heating project is made easy when using our Instant Quote Tool.

Send us your floor plan or fax it to (800) 408-1100 and we will send you a quote, product recommendation and a free custom installation plan for your project.

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Is electric floor heating safe and what about EMF?

Our electric radiant floor heating systems have withstood rigorous safety testing and earned the UL listing. They produce much less EMF than common household appliances like your TV or vacuum cleaner. The EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) tests all electrical devices and publishes the data. Many common household appliances are tested at a distance of 6 inches. The test results indicate that on average, the EMF emitted for the following appliances, measured in Milligauss (mG) units, is:

Vacuum Cleaner: 300 mG

Microwave: 200 mG

Portable Heater: 100 mG

Dishwasher: 20 mG

Washing Machine: 20 mG

WarmlyYours TempZone™ (Twin): 1.8 mG

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If I have extra cold lead wire, can I trim off what I don't need for my installation?

Yes. Unlike the heating cable for electric floor heating, the cold lead wires can be trimmed.

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How do you keep a sunroom warm in the winter?

Sunrooms can be very cold during the winter months. While a furnace may push some warm air into the room, the large number of windows, exterior walls, and other causes of heat loss in a sunroom will typically keep it from having a comfortable temperature level. Floor heating and radiant panels will add radiant heat, which the human body absorbs faster than other forms of heat, to the room so that it feels warm even at lower temperatures.

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Customer Reviews

TempZone™ Flex Rolls achieved an average rating of 4.9 stars with 668 reviews by our customers.

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Anonymous, Tahlequah, OK on 12/30/2023

I replaced my thermostat and it works much better. I hope these thermostats last longer. I am not sure what is their life. Thanks for the help.

Another successful installation!

Jeff W., Downingtown, PA on 12/21/2023

Once again we have made another customer happy with and grateful for a WarmlyYours heated floor!

I'm glad I went with WarmlyYours over Home Depot

Joshua C., Portland, ME on 12/11/2023

I purchased a radiant floor heating system from your company in November. I wanted to reach out to let you know how impressed I was with Pedro Banuelos. My wife and I are real estate investors and this is our 3rd home. It's a duplex that we've been renovating for 18 months so we've dealt with a lot of vendors. I've also served on two HOA boards so have had my fair share of interactions with vendors from those experiences as well. Pedro's customer service stood out from every company we've dealt with. From the moment I engaged with him he was professional, listened, and was extremely knowledgeable about the product line. I was also impressed by his demeanor. He was by no means pushy and truly came across as wanting to be helpful. I definitely appreciate that being in software sales myself, it's not an easy line to walk and he did a great job. At any rate, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how impressed I was and I'm glad I went with WY over Home Depot; and truthfully it was all b/c of Pedro! Thanks and happy holidays!

quality ,performance and advise are excellent

C/o S., St. Albert, AB on 12/10/2023

installed by a handy client with no issues and after 2 months of use the product is proving to be efficient and effective.

Mary is the best

Steve J., San Diego, CA on 12/02/2023

I’ve been working with Mary for a number of years. She’s been nothing but helpful patient and caring. As for the product I’ve never had a problem installed many thousands of square feet and will continue using it in the future.

Great system

Anonymous, Timnath, CO on 12/01/2023

The system works as expected and was a lot easier to install under tile than was thought.

Our bathroom is now WARM!

Peter H., Lake Zurich, IL on 11/25/2023

We took the bathroom down to the studs and subfloor and installed WarmlyYours floor coils plus two ceiling panels, plus fresh paint and floor quartz slabs. We are now sandwiched between two layers of warmth, which we really appreciate now that winter is here.

great as usual

Dellavalle L., East Stroudsburg, PA on 11/24/2023

i didn't have any source of heat in this room. i chose to install a hot air line from my furnace. it wasn't that effective. then while ordering the new floor mats for my next house remodel 3 bathroom floors. i decided to just do it in my dining room too. this meant remove the dining room table etc. remove the LVL floor. under the flooring was a hand written note from the original builder. that was a cool find. i installed the mat ran all the wiring and then poured the floor leveler on top which was the most important thing as i someday may tile this floor. but i went and installed life proof flooring on top and man. Thanksgiving was so comfy and pleasant in the dining room. the time it tommy to install was about 5 hours and the flooring took a day with all the molding's etc. The comfort you get from radiant heating is priceless in my head

My 2006 warmly yours in floor heat is back online!

Tim G., Kent, WA on 11/05/2023

My original Thermostat from 2006 suffered a short circuit internally and quit suddenly. I was grateful to find WarmlyYours still able to provide a new updated Thermostat for me. I love the new touch screen, with wifi and remote control. A very nice upgrade! Thanks WarmlyYours! Yours Warmly, Tim G.

TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable

David H., Maple Ridge, BC on 10/29/2023

We installed heating cables in a kitchen, dining room, and hallway spanning around 1000 square feet. We didn't have complete layout information from your client, but you managed to complete the installation successfully with an additional roll of heating cable. It's great to hear that Jenn, the service representative, provided excellent technical support and offered a competitive price for the project. Well done!

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