Shower Kits Reviews

Extremely happy with WarmlyYours

Gregory T. | Oshawa, ON

I'm a DIY'r. This product was exactly what I needed. The packaging and pricing with the high end touch thermostat was the selling feature. Shipping was fast and well protected product. The instructions were very easy to follow. No challenges whatsoever during install. It's been several months now and it works perfectly. I would definitely purchase again!

February 15, 2021

Shower kit

Collin F. | Kootenai, ID

I liked the WarmlyYours shower kit it is straight forward and easy to use. Takes one day to get your shower prepped for tile.

January 10, 2021

Water Proof Pipe Seal

Johnny A. | Rochester, MN

This seal works very, very well. It fits so tightly around the pipe that there isn't a possible chance that water can seep by it's seal.

April 17, 2020

Water Proof Seal

Johnny A. | Rochester, MN

Haven't installed it yet, but it's the same as the first one and I expect it will perform flawlessly as well.

April 17, 2020

Pre-made shower pan

Collin F. | Kootenai, ID

I used this pre-made shower pan and waterproofing kit for the first time and liked it. I do about 10-15 mud set tile showers a year and generally build my pan from scratch with pan liner and mortar, then I use hardi backer brand concrete board on the walls, then I tape and mud all seams followed by 3 coats of Redguard. That process takes 3 days always because of cure times. I prepped a 4' x 3.5' shower with 9' walls in one long day the first time I used this system. I put the pan in, hung the concrete board, and put on all the waterproofing on the first day and started setting tile the following day. Obviously this is a big time saver and will go faster the next time I use this system. The one tricky part is hooking up the drain. My job was a second floor bathroom remodel with no access to the drain pipe from below, so I had to make the glue connection as I set the pan. That just made it a bit more challenging the first time out. Setting the pan and drain first and then making the drain connection later is definitely the easier way to go if possible.

July 27, 2019