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Cork Underlayment

Depending on what products you are using to install your heated flooring system, you’ll choose between two primary insulating underlayment options. Real cork is ideal for concrete slabs, however our synthetic product is the preferred underlayment for radiant tile and stone floor heating. Underlayment options increase energy efficiency with heated floors and they are also heat and cold resistant. Perhaps most importantly, they will not rot, absorb moisture, or support mold or mildew. This extends the life of your floors and provides a cost effective method for installing the best radiant heating floor system available. 

If you’ve been considering installing a heated floor in your home, you should consider the benefits of using CeraZorb Synthetic Cork Underlayment or standard Cork Underlayment sheets. With a limited warranty included in the purchase, you can trust that WarmlyYours products will stand the test of time in your home. To find out more about which underlayment option you should choose for your heated floor, contact WarmlyYours today.