Cerazorb Specs and Installation Exclusions


Specs and Spec sheet web address.

Can Cerazorb be installed over Sand Topping Cement?  Soundseal/Impacta says NO.

Here's the web address for the spec sheet.  There is a pdf link at the top of the page.  http://www.soundseal.com/impacta/cerazorb-technic...

Sheet Size:  24" x 48"

Thickness:  5mm or 3/16"

TCNA - Robinson:  Light Commercial Rating

Point Load:  1,185 lbs

Durometer Hardness:  45

Temperature resistance:  -40 to + 205

Thermal resistance:  1.5 R value

Acoustic testing on 6” slab, no ceiling IIC 52 wood construction, FIIC 59 - 7.5” concrete slab ∆IIC 20 - 6” concrete slab

What is Sand Topping Mix?  See this article:  http://www.homeadditionplus.co...

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