Flashing "suitcase" Icon on Smartstat


Flashing suitcase icon will not reset on the Smartstat thermostat display.

The Smartstat thermostat is equipped with a vacation mode setting. This mode suspends all programming when the "suitcase" button is pressed.  The user would then press the suitcase button again upon return to reinstate the programming.  The user may also press the "mode/ret", "sun" or "moon" buttons to reinstate the programming as well.

In cases where the suitcase icon may be flashing in new installations, it may be the case that the sensor wire has been erroneously inserted into the 3rd, "econo-input" terminal. This can be corrected by removing the sensor wire from terminal 3 and correctly locating the sensor wires into terminals 1 and 2. If the suitcase icon continues to flash, check to see that the faceplate pin connections are free of dust and debris and that the pins are not bent or broken.

Occasionally, the ground shields of the floor cables or some other wire will be connected to the econo input terminal in error. Please remove any wire(s) from this terminal (3) as this function is not supported by the Smartstat thermostat.

If the icon continues to flash, and is unresponsive to pressed button commands,and the sensor wire is connected correctly, it may be the case that the faceplate of the thermostat is defective, and the entire thermostat unit should be replaced.

Written by Christopher Sphar
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