Prodeso Installation when modified thinset is needed to set tiles.


There may be some tiles that require setting with modified thinset. How is this accomplished with Prodeso?

First of all, please keep in mind that all TCNA testing for Prodeso was done with unmodified thinset.

We contacted Prodeso and got these recommendations for people that want to do this. Please keep in mind that any tiles over 48x48 will probably require un-modified thinset set in exact accordance with the requirements of the tile manufacturer.

Please note that the TCNA testing and certification was done with un-modified thinset. The following companies have done their own stand-alone tests and have made the following recommendations for modified thinset being used over the Prodeso membrane.

Ardex has an adhesive to bond the membrane to the floor, if that's needed.  Ardex AF 207 is a pre-mixed rapid set uncoupling membrane bonding adhesive that is ideal for installing most uncoupling membranes over concrete, wood, OSB and gypsum subfloors before installing tile or stone. It has an excellent initial grab and long working time. Use of Ardex AF 207 allows for the immediate installation of tile after the membrane is set into place.

Please see the attachments below from Ardex, Custom, and Mapei.

In most cases, follow the installation recommendations found in the Prodeso Install Handbook and also the Tech Bulletin.

See attached.

Written by Scott Rosenbaum
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