Snow Melting System Is Not Melting Snow


My system isn't melting snow and everything is functioning correctly.  What gives?

Do an amp draw test on the cables to verify proper operation.

What is the ambient air temperature?

Our systems can handle low temperatures, but most controls come equipped with a Low Temperature Lockout Feature. This feature prevents the system from running by default in temperatures below 17F. At temperatures this low it becomes difficult for the system to effectively melt the snow. It is however possible to turn off this feature should you need the system to keep running during such low temperatures. The system may run all day and night and not melt any snow at very cold temperatures.  The system can't generate enough BTUs to overcome the heatloss generated by very low temperatures.  

The low temperature lock-out function disables unit operation in temperatures
 less than 17°F (–8.33°C) in those climates or during those seasons where it 
is simply too cold to make operation practical. The factory default low temperature
lock-out setting is Off, meaning that the unit will try to activate the heaters regardless
 of ambient temperature.

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