TempZone Flex Roll Installation for Laundry Room

Our TempZone Flex Roll floor heating system was paired with tile floors in this laundry room remodel. By adding the comfort of radiant heating, doing laundry won't feel like such a chore during colder months.

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The total area of this laundry room came to 70 square feet, but with the footprint of appliances, only 41 square feet required floor heating. The subfloor is first prepped and cleared of debris. Since this installation will use self-leveling cement (SLC), barriers are built around the air vents to prevent the product from spilling into any air ducts.

The TempZone Flex Roll system is then laid out in the pattern displayed on the SmartPlan installation guide provided by our team of engineers. Measure, cut and turn the product as needed, cable side down. Remember to only cut the mesh membrane and never the heating cable. Secure rolls with glue, staple or tape. Make sure to position floor sensor between cable loops. Do not cross sensor with floor heating cable.

Self-leveling cement is then mixed and poured over the floor heating system. Making sure the system is secured to the subfloor will help prevent the system from floating to the top of the SLC. Evenly spread SLC throughout room once poured. Let SLC cure before turning on system or installing flooring.

Once flooring is installed be sure to connect your floor heating thermostat to properly control the system.

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