Introduction to TempZone Floor Heating Cable

The TempZone Radiant Heat Cable System


At WarmlyYours, we offer our clients several solutions for adding warmth to their homes, including heated floor systems. TempZone floor heating cable systems are just one of the methods for implementing heated floors. Not to be confused with the TempZone roll or mat systems, which 3-foot wide rolls, this system is designed to work with rooms that have unusual dimensions. If you’re working with tight spaces or irregularly shaped rooms, you’ll appreciate the flexibility that TempZone floor heating cable systems afford you. Learn more today about TempZone heating systems from WarmlyYours in this video.

Video Transcript

Written by Kerilyn Merritt

Voice-over/Narration: Kerilyn Merritt

WarmlyYours has yet again created an industry-leadingsolution for your electric floor warming needs. Introducing the brand new, WarmlyYours TempZone Floor Heating Cable system…

A flexible and affordable option for indoor radiant heating under tile, stone and hardwood surfaces.

Not to be confused with our traditional TempZone roll or mat product, which is engineered in roll sizes of 18 inches or 3 feet wide, the WarmlyYours TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable system is ideally suited to provide complete floor heating coverage of rooms with unusual dimensions.

Designed in both 120V and 240V applications, the WarmlyYours TempZone Floor Heating Cable system brings radiant warmth and comfort to any room. With the loose cable design, this new addition allows for ease of installation in irregular shaped rooms with angled or rounded walls, and in tight spaces with obtrusive plumbing or support structures, providing an alternative for installers who prefer the flexibility and freedom of working with loose cable.

The TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable is ultra-low EMF by design. It features a twin conductor with a 15’ cold lead and is available in a range of lengths to meet the requirements of any installation. With over 30 different sizes available…Cable lengths range from 30 to 935 linear feet.

The WarmlyYours TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable is designed to meet the needs of any floor warming installation. It can be installed at either 3” intervals for primary or supplemental heat, or at 4” intervals for supplemental heat. Generally, 3-inch spacing is preferred in colder climates to increase the wattage per square foot, and 4 inch spacing in warmer climates to decrease the wattage per square foot. Cable wattages can range from 8 to 12 watts per square foot…Depending on cable lengths and spacing used in each project’s design.

Traditionally, with the WarmlyYours TempZone Mat or Roll, a SmartPlan would be provided to assist installers while on location during an install. With the WarmlyYours TempZone Floor Heating Cable system, the same service is available to you…You would simply submit your request for a quotation, and within 24hrs you will be provided a detailed quotation and SmartPlan showing how to install your electric cable floor warming system. Details such as electrical specs of amperage, wattage and voltage are provided on the plan. Further installation tips, such as an indicator of a half-way point in your design is provided in an effort to help installers on the job determine the accuracy and progress of the installation.

To quickly compare the cost and layout differences of the traditional TempZone rolls vs. cable, you can simply visit us at our website and check out our Instant Quotation tool… Just enter in your project information, such as square footage and dimensions, flooring type, and a few other details and automatically you are provided an itemized list of both options: The TempZone roll design and the Free-form Cable design, for comparison.

For over 15yrs, WarmlyYours has been a trusted resource for electric radiant floor warming.We here at WarmlyYours strive to continue to be a proven industry leading, energy-efficient, heat source solution.

If you have any questions concerning quoting or installation of our newest product, please contact us at 800-875-5285, or check us out at

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