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For luxurious warm stone floors and other popular flooring materials, TempZone™ Flex Roll Floor Heating systems from WarmlyYours are just what you've been looking for. Perfect for warming ceramic tile, natural stone, and hardwood floors, TempZone™ is made by attaching a coiled heating cable to green mesh fabric and delivering even heat to any room in your home. Our customers love their warm tile floor systems, and we're sure you will, too.

TempZone™ Flex Rolls have achieved an average rating of 5 stars having been reviewed 158 times by our customers.

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Easy as always

Easy as always

Johnny Jensen, Ingleside, IL
Apr 16, 2013

A pleasure to walk barefoot on a warm tile

Easy to install. A pleasure to walk barefoot on a warm tile floor on a cold winter morning.

Irv Epstein, Scotch Plains, NJ
Apr 16, 2013

From the installer point of view, it is a very good product.

From the installer point of view, it is a very good product. It is easier to separate the wire from the mesh and not having to run the second cold lead back around to the thermostat is awesome. However, this gripe applies to new and old style. When the wire is on top of the mesh, the loops tend to float up when applying thinset. They need to be fixed to the mesh at the loop in a way that is still easy to undo.

Stuller, Hendersonville, NC
Apr 15, 2013

WarmlyYours Responds
Thank you for your review! We'll take your suggestion to our product team!

LOVE the product!

LOVE the product! Easy installation & great added touch to the house!

Tom Varano, Wayland, MI
Mar 19, 2013

Everything was perfect, as usual.

Everything was perfect, as usual.

Paul Vergara, Bethesda, MD
Mar 07, 2013

Would strongly recommend this product

Great product. Easy to install. The instructions are very well written and detailed. The materials used have high quality. Would strongly recommend this product. Electric heat industry needs to do a better job at educating consumer that electric heat is a viable economical option. Here is why: 1. Every room has a thermostat. This has two advantages. One, person can lower or raise temperature of room they are in without changing temperature of entire floor of house. Second, heat in certain rooms can be turned down when not in use. 2. Electric heat is economical. The fuel source of electricity is diversified. When oil prices are high electric suppliers buy from natural gas or coal. When coal is high they can use propane. This provides a somewhat steady fixed heating cost. 3. Have you looked how much it cost to replace a furnace? $4000 easily. Not necessary with electric heat. 4. Your radiant heating gets rid of those ugly (sometimes rusty) wall heaters. Hydronic radiant heat can cause nasty problems if the pipes freeze or there is a leak. 5. Solar electricity is on the rise and electric heat is a great partner to solar. I have electric heat. Every time I tell someone their reaction is that I am going to have trouble selling my house. That tells me that the electric heat industry is doing a bad job educating people on the benefits of electric heat. Just my two cents.

Tom Sheehan, Andover, MA
Feb 15, 2013

works great

works great

Vickie Tuskan, Eveleth, MN
Feb 13, 2013

Installed in my son's bathroom. He just loves it.

Installed in my son's bathroom. He just loves it.

Dorothy Snowball, Boise, ID
Feb 09, 2013

Cat loves heated floors!

I really love the heated floor system. My clients love it also - especially their cat. I would like to know if there is any installation seminars available so I can see if I can become better at installations.

Jeff Woelke, Ann Arbor, MI
Feb 06, 2013

WarmlyYours Responds
Hey Jeff! Thanks so much for reviewing! We have a page on our website dedicated to tips, tricks, and installations! Here's a link - http://www.warmlyyours.com/en-US/video-media Hope this helps you in the future! -WY Team

Wish I would have insisted on a longer mat

To be honest, the floor I installed in Colorado is having a hard time keeping up with the outside ambient temperature. The bathroom is on the northwest corner of the home. It contains a clawfoot tub and a bath vanity that does not go to the floor --it has feet, like a piece of furniture, so there is no heat under either fixture. Wish I would have insisted on a longer mat. I have the thermostat turned up to 10 (did not get a floor sensor) and it is still chilly in the wintertime especially after a shower. The kitchen will be remodeled and it is adjacent to the bathroom - I believe we will disconnect the electric floor heat and use hot water piping instead... :(

Donna Mabry, Overland Park, KS
Feb 03, 2013