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For luxurious warm stone floors and other popular flooring materials, TempZone™ Flex Roll Floor Heating systems from WarmlyYours are just what you've been looking for. Perfect for warming ceramic tile, natural stone, and hardwood floors, TempZone™ is made by attaching a coiled heating cable to green mesh fabric and delivering even heat to any room in your home. Our customers love their warm tile floor systems, and we're sure you will, too.

TempZone™ Flex Rolls have achieved an average rating of 5 stars having been reviewed 187 times by our customers.

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Easy to install!

Easy to install. Never a problem!

Jeff Scruggs, Oklahoma City, OK
Feb 25, 2014

WarmlyYours Responds
Thank you for reviewing!

Ray Swanson Construction Co, Princeton, IL
Feb 24, 2014

Logo Tape

As for the placement and install layout everything went very nicely. My only concern was with the white logo tape that holds the heating element to the mesh. When you skim coated the floor after the mat was installed with modified thin set it did not stick to the plastic logo tape. That could be an issue if you were using small floor tiles.

Thomas Schaper, Cockeysville, MD
Jan 04, 2014

WarmlyYours Responds
Thomas, Thank you for telling us about that! We'll tell our product team right away.

Very easy to install

Very easy to install - My customers love this product!

Colonial Construction, Baldwin, NY
Dec 09, 2013

WarmlyYours Responds
Thank you for reviewing!

WarmlyYours is hands down the best!

I am a tile installer in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and this product is amazing! I have installed several other in-floor heat systems and this is by far the easiest to work with and install. WarmlyYours is the only company that I have found actually gives a floor plan with a diagram showing how to lay out the heat system. Other electric systems simply give you a cord that is a set length and covers an approximate square footage. You as the installer have to install the wire fastening system to the floor yourself, and then guess at how far to space the wire; thus producing a lot of frustration and wasted time at the end when the heat wire needs to be removed and re-installed to make the length work out properly. I can set a 9'x6' area with WarmlyYours in approximately 2 hours. This includes pouring self-leveling mortar over the system. With other systems I can spend almost double that just setting the wire in place. There is no other in-floor heat system that I would rather use! WarmlyYours is hands down the best!

Jeremia Johnson, Cedarburg, WI
Dec 03, 2013

Really simple installation

Really simple installation, easy to work with and best of all - will warm toes all winter long.

Kim Hollander, New Paltz, NY
Nov 25, 2013

WarmlyYours Responds
Thank you for reviewing!

Easy to work with

Installation of product went very smooth. Perfect length of roll and easy to work with.

Arnold Kump, Joliet, IL
Nov 22, 2013

WarmlyYours Responds
Thank you for reviewing!

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Nov 10, 2013

Saved me two hours on installation

I've used the product on many installations and find it to be as easy to install as you could ask for. I especially like the new adhesive tape you've used to stick the wire to the mesh and to stick the mesh to the floor. I estimate it saved me two hours on this installation.

More Than Tile, Westminster, CO
Nov 09, 2013

WarmlyYours Responds
Thank you for reviewing! We're glad the new tape made things easier! Have a great day!

Great product!

I appreciate how easy it is to peel the tape off mesh and move wire around different obstacles in room. Great product! Will use again.

JR Tile, LLC, Tulsa, OK
Oct 29, 2013

WarmlyYours Responds
Thank you for reviewing!