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Earth Day: The Greener Side of Radiant Heating

On Earth Day, being green is top of mind. It’s a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. It’s been said that ‘It’s not easy being green,’ but at WarmlyYours we’ve managed to pull it off with our radiant heating technology.

How you heat your home has an impact on energy costs. With forced air systems, the warm air rises and then cools and falls so it takes more energy to keep the room at a comfortable level.

Radiant heating reduces energy consumption and environmental impact. How? Heat radiating from the floor up is more efficient, allowing you to set your room at a lower temperature than forced air systems. You don’t need as much heat because the heat it emits doesn’t just heat the air; it heats the objects around it meaning the room stays warmer for longer – the combination can mean a big savings on energy costs.

You can further reduce energy consumption with our programmable thermostat that lets you warm only the rooms you use the most and only when you need the heat.

Tile is the most popular flooring surface used with radiant heating – so you can lower your carbon footprint by using eco-friendly tile. Shaw – a leading soft and hard surface manufacturer offers several American-made porcelain tile collections that have 40% recycled content. They have three collections that are stunning and eco-certified! Take a look here: http://shawfloors.com/Eco-FriendlyTile

With Earth Day’s fifth decade underway, we wanted to pause and reflect on some milestones:

- 1970 First Earth Day results in the creation of the EPA
- 1990 Earth Day goes global
- 2010 Earth Day 40th anniversary is ushered in with a Climate Rally of 225,000 at the Nation’s capital. Earth Day’s online base is tripled to 900,000 community members

If you’re like most folks, you may not have been thinking about the eco-friendly aspects of your home when you purchased it. We can’t all rebuild our houses, but we can make more ecologically responsible choices in the future. At WarmlyYours, our radiant heating solutions make it easy to be green.

Want to get involved? One way is to make a donation to the Earth Day Network, visit, http://www.earthday.org/node/66.

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If you are building a new home floor heating is the only way to go. It is a even heat and nice to have warm feet. My husband's company has built many new houses. They all have floor heating throughout the house. It is also the best way to help on improving our environment.

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