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Find Out Why In-Floor Heating Is Ideal For Basement Remodeling

Large Basement with carpet floor

An unfinished basement space waiting to be remodeled is wasted potential, and as BobVila.com puts it, an incomplete basement “is an enormous blank canvas just waiting for your inspired ideas and artistic vision.” Concrete flooring may leave the basement’s atmosphere dreary and cold, convincing you to spend minimal time there. But with little DIY efforts and a few creative ideas, you can turn your dungeon-looking basement into a beautiful addition that complements your home. By finishing this part of your house, you increase the square footage of your living space and the market value of your home at the same time. However, there are a few things you should add to your checklist when finishing the basement:

Make Sure Your Basement Is Dry

It is highly recommended that you check for any leakage in your unfinished basement. The presence of water could potentially cause mold and mildew, both of which are detrimental to drywall and carpet. Before you do anything else, seal the basement to protect the investment you are about to make.

Hire an Architect

By designing a floor plan for your basement, an architect will work with you to create a space you will love. After an initial meeting, he or she will draw a rough design that's not necessarily to scale. This will provide a basic understanding of what the final product will look like, giving you the opportunity to approve it or ask for further amendments. The architect will draw the floor plan and include proper measurements to ensure the space meets local building codes.

Acquire Permits

Electric work has its own set of codes to meet and can get especially tricky. Going ahead with any of the remodeling without obtaining written permits can result in major project disruptions. Acquiring permits first will help you ensure the legality and safety of your basement remodel and save you necessary costs

Find a Contractor

When it comes to drilling or hammering the nails, DIY skills come in handy. But if repair and maintenance work or tasks such as flooring or assembling need to be done, hiring a contractor is a good idea. It is strongly suggested that you conduct research and interviews before you hire help, as it gives you better insight into the process and a sense of whom you would prefer to work with.

Add The Luxury Of Radiant Heating

Now is the ideal time to outfit your unfinished basement with an in-floor heating system. As the floor surface is currently just a concrete slab, installation of an electric floor heating system will be easier. Whether you decide to invest your money in tile, stone, carpet, concrete, nailed hardwood or floating floor, WarmlyYours offers floor heating for a variety of surfaces to add soothing warmth under your feet.

To get the biggest bang of your buck, you may want to consider adding a WarmlyYours’ modern and stylish radiant panel that mounts on the ceiling or the wall and doesn’t take up valuable living space. Radiant panels spread radiant heat throughout the room, heating people and objects in the room first – exactly how the sun releases infrared rays and heats people and objects first, instead of heating the air.

Basements are typically the coolest room in the house, but electric floor heating and radiant panel will serve to keep your basement warm and cozy. With radiant heating, your cold, concrete basement can be completely transformed into a comfortable sanctuary.

Finish Up

The final step in your basement remodeling project is to actually begin the work. Whether you're adding a bedroom, bathroom or a recreational space, you'll need finished floors, walls and ceilings. Design your lighting plan so that it adds warmth to the space. With the right fixtures and your floor warming system, your finished basement will become a cozy retreat.

If you keep these points in mind and employ a few creative ideas such as “injecting personality into it by adding items like rugs, fabrics and curtains,” explains Bobvila.com, you can certainly transform your unfinished basement into a beautiful and comfortable space everyone will be drawn to. Renovating your basement will turn it into the heart of the home.

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