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Give the Gift of Warmth for the Holidays

seated lady, warmlyyours cyber monday saleAnyone who shops online knows all about Cyber Monday – it’s the one day of the year when online retailers offer their deepest discounts. This year, WarmlyYours is participating for the very first time. We are offering two amazing deals on great gift items for those folks on your list who never seem to be warm enough!

Small Under Desk Heater – ONLY $44.50 (MSRP $89) 
Perfect for your home or work office. WarmlyYours plug-in floor mat provides radiant warmth to keep you warm and cozy at a fraction of the energy required by space heaters. Measures 18” x 24”.

Small Under Area Rug Warmer – ONLY $99.50 (MSRP $199)
WarmlyYours Rug Warmer adds soothing radiant heat anywhere you want the comfort and luxury of a heated floor. Measures 3’6” x 4’6” and is only ¼” thick. Fits discreetly beneath your area rug.

So remember- starting at 8:00am CST on Cyber Monday, November 30, 2009, you can get 50% OFF WarmlyYours small plug-in area warmers! It’s only for one day, so don’t miss out. At these prices, you can stock up for the Holiday season and buy something for yourself too! To get all the details of this year’s sale, visit us at www.WarmlyYours.com/offers/cyber-monday/ or call (800) 875-5285.

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