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Inspirational Tips For Great Room Decorating

If you're lucky enough to have a great room in your home, you know how convenient it can be to have a large area where you can gather with your family and entertain guests. However, not everyone has an interior design they want to show off in this area of their home. If you don't have warm floors, beautiful wall decor and furnishings throughout your great room, you might steer clear of this space altogether.

But why let this area of your home go to waste? You don't have to be a professional interior designer to create decor that you and your family will love. Here are some tips on how to boost the luxury factor in your great room and bring out its full potential.

Install radiant heat
Radiant floor heating can do wonders for a room that's otherwise heated by a noisy ventilation system. Not only can it reduce the amount of noise in the space, but it can make the flooring more comfortable under bare feet. Furthermore, warmth can instantly increase the cozy factor in the great room, turning it into a space you want to use regularly.

Mix styles
Southern Living magazine recommends stepping outside of the box when it comes time to decorate the space with new furnishings by mixing and matching different styles. Can't decide between traditional and modern decor? Now you can have the best of both worlds as more professional designers are proving by mixing them together.

Make function a priority
SheKnows.com reports that one way you can ensure your great room gets plenty of use once you're done decorating is to make function a top priority. As you look for sofas, tables and loveseats, consider pieces that have more than one purpose. For example, a futon can be used for both lounging and sleeping. By making the great room functional, you'll have a reason to use it on a frequent basis.

Break it up with flooring
If your great room has an ample amount of space and you want to use it for more than one purpose, consider bringing in different types of flooring. For example, two different styles of laminate can segregate the space without the need to put up actual walls.

By taking these tips into account, you can transform your great room from a dull space to one worth utilizing with friends and family.

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