New York Times story on WarmlyYours Floor HeatingWhen the WarmlyYours staff heard of the New York Times full-page article featuring the bathroom installation of a WarmlyYours electric floor heating system under tile, it was welcome news. The realization that a wide audience would be introduced to the WarmlyYours world of ‘Making Comfort Easy’ was an exciting prospect.

The article demonstrates how easy and economical it is to warm a cold bathroom tile floor with WarmlyYours radiant electric floor heating mats. Highlights include WarmlyYours' fast quotation turn around process where customers submitting a floor plan can get a quotation and free installation layout within 1 business day - at no cost. The personalized installation layout details how the radiant floor system is custom-designed to fit around your bathroom fixtures, covering only your bathroom’s open walking area while leaving no cold spot in the room.

Featured are pictures of a WarmlyYours system installation in the bathroom of a Canadian home, under a tile floor.

To read the complete article and view the installation pictures, click
New York Times Floor Heating Article

Victoria Hale
Marketing Communications