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Planning Ahead For Thanksgiving And Christmas Parties In Your Apartment

Planning ahead for Thanksgiving and Christmas parties in your apartment

An apartment space isn't usually ideal for giant gatherings. While a good view is important any time of year, never is it more appreciated than during the final day of autumnal foliage in November or the cozy blankets of snow that arrive in December - and there's no better place for a view than an apartment. Whether you're throwing a pre-Thanksgiving cocktail party, hosting the whole family on the day itself, having friends over for an intimate Christmas Eve dinner or opening presents the next morning with your loved ones, you'll want to prepare your apartment living room for both holidays.

Consider these tips for some renovation suggestions to bring out the best in your space during the coming holidays, because there's no better time than the present.

1. Design around your view. That view is important. More often than not it's the focal point of a room, and offers something you can't find any other kind of housing. Whether you overlook a small park across the street or an expanse of apartment buildings running off into the distance, in the right season either of these could become beautiful vistas - that park will be covered with a carpet of red and orange leaves or lined with autumnal flowers and pumpkins - or those rows of buildings will be layered with lines of snow and strung with Christmas lights. Enjoy these seasonal panoramas, but show them off too.

2. Stay warm. While it may not be a summer concern, staying warm in apartments during the winter can be a chilly challenge. Consider installing radiant floor heating underfoot. Since it's a green alternative to central heat, radiant heat could be a great investment in your home. Easily installed, easily controlled and guaranteed to keep you and your guests warm through any holiday.

3. Be festive. While you don't have to go all out, an good apartment-sized Christmas tree or a few pumpkins and gourds could do a lot to add a touch of season to your apartment. City-living might not have the same connection to the outdoors that the suburbs or country homes do, but that's no reason not to bring a little of it inside.

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