Portland Skyline in AutumnSituated in the Willamette Valley region of the Pacific Northwest, between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, Portland, Oregon, is located close to where the Willamette and Columbia rivers meet. Called the "City of Roses" for over a century because Portland’s climate is ideal for growing roses, by contrast the winters are typically mild to chilly, overcast, and damp with the lowest temperatures occurring during the second half of December and early January. The coolest month of the year is December with the high averaging 44 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius) and the low averaging 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius).

A perfect way to mitigate that damp chill, is by adding radiant floor heating to your next remodel. Underfloor heating radiates up warming the people and objects in the room rather than the air, making it a more efficient heat.

Meals Aren't the Only Thing Heating Up in this Portland Kitchen

As plans for their kitchen remodel got underway, these Portland homeowners realized it would be a good idea to add electric underfloor heating to warm up the flooring they had selected. They chose to install a 1.5 x 25 ft²  Environ™ Flex Roll floor heating system in the 89-ft² space for just $356.00 at a cost of just under $9.50 per square foot. (see floor plan)

Kitchen installation planThe cost of operating the system should also be evaluated when budgeting the project. WarmlyYours has these useful online tools to help you figure that out. Based on data from WarmlyYours’s Operating Cost Calculator it costs just 17 cents to warm this kitchen floor for eight hours a day. Overall it costs less than $50.00 annually according to our Heat Loss Calculator. Another benefit is that this system can be a primary heat source for the room without incurring additional heating bills, a substantial energy and utility savings.

See If Radiant Heat Can be a Primary Heat Source in Your Room

WarmlyYours’s Heat Loss Calculator will need just a few details about your desired room temperature, including how well your room is sealed, and other specifics to determine how much heat is being lost. Then it calculates whether or not radiant floor heat can be your primary heat source.

Heat Loss Calculation Graph-Portland OR Kitchen

In this case, the kitchen is located above a basement and the ceilings in the room are 9 feet. Based on WarmlyYours’s Heat Loss Calculator, a floor-heating system can indeed be the primary heat source for this room so no additional heating will be necessary; an added value as it translates to substantial cost and energy savings. If the room contained significant heat loss indicators, radiant floor heat would instead be recommended as a supplementary heat source. By visiting WarmlyYours’s Heat Loss Calculator you can see for yourself whether or not radiant heat can be your room’s primary heat source.

Get Started Right with a Free Installation Plan

Kitchen Wood Floor with Radiant HeatDedicated to helping you start smart, WarmlyYours suggests you get a SmartPlan™ custom installation plan for your room to ensure that you have all the necessary information to get your project smoothly underway. We make that process easy by offering you several ways to get your custom plan.  You can submit a floor plan online, send it to your account manager via email (sales@warmlyyours.com) or just fax it (800-408-1100).

Finding out the cost to add in-floor heating to any room in your home is easy with WarmlyYours’s Instant Quote Tool. Simply fill in some information about your project, the tool will provide a side-by-side comparison of the recommended products for your room with the cost of each.

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