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ValueMat™ is Floor Heating’s Superhero

ValueMat is Floor Heatings SuperheroElectric Floor Heating is an Option in a Distressed Economy

I grew up in the time when there were essentially two Superheroes – Batman and Superman… As a young child, I remember watching cartoons on the television with my brothers and innocently thinking that the world would be much better place if there were only more Superheroes. Typically, when I think of a Superhero, I think of a cartoon character that saves the “damsel in distress” or the city under siege by an evil villain. There are so many more Superheroes today, but the concept remains the same – the Superhero saves the day. He restores hope and civility at a time when things look their bleakest. So, I am sure at this point you are asking yourself, “How can this possibly be related to electric floor heating?”

I see the ValueMat™ as sort of the WarmlyYours Superhero of electric floor heating. With the economy in distress these past few years and the real estate market in turmoil, homeowners were basically forced to stay in their homes. So, even if you needed more space or wanted an updated home with more modern amenities, moving wasn’t an option unless you were willing to be “upside down” on your mortgage. Sprucing up an existing home had the twofold benefit of making the home more “livable” while also increasing its market value going forward. And, that’s why WarmlyYours launched the ValueMat™ - as an economical floor heating solution that gives today’s homeowner an opportunity to enjoy the luxury of heated floors, without the cost typically associated with full floor heating coverage.

The ValueMat™ electric floor heating system utilizes the same proven technology as traditional TempZone™ rolls, but unlike TempZone™ which provides coverage to every available inch of the room’s footprint; ValueMats are designed to warm just the most utilized areas of the room, providing “value coverage” for just $160 to $430. This new, easy mat solution requires no “cuts or turns” and can be easily installed under tile and stone as the perfect solution to these naturally cold flooring surfaces. While radiant heating is energy efficient, cutting down on the area heated will also save on energy costs. In a tough economy, and every little bit helps.

There are 6 mat sizes ranging in coverage from 6 square feet to 30 square feet, all of which deliver 15 watts per square foot and come in 120 volts. They are perfect for warming the area in front of the bathroom vanity, toilet, shower, or tub. These mats can also be used for the entryway foyer or mudroom – anywhere that you need that extra warmth to make the home comfortable.

Of course, in those instances where full coverage is the desired solution, WarmlyYours TempZone™ floor heating rolls are still the best application.
Whatever your floor heating needs, WarmlyYours can customize the coverage that is the best fit for your lifestyle. And, isn’t that refreshing – to know that there is a company that appreciates the stress that today’s economy brings to bear on the homeowner and goes the extra mile to bring us a modern day Superhero.

Vickie L. Wash, Esq.
Marketing Communications Manager

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