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“Vampire Power Beware, Radiant Heat is Energy Efficient”

As technology continues to advance and new and improved electrical devices are in more homes, electricity bills have subsequently climbed higher and higher. What many people don’t know is that whether on or off, an electricity-powered device like a lamp or a computer, will continue to use power as long as it is still plugged in. This mysterious power that sucks the electricity out of your household and also takes a figurative “bite” out of your wallet is called Vampire Power. This phantom power is the invisible drain experienced when electronic devices are powered off but still consuming energy. Read More

“Industry Intel: New Home Sales at a Five-Month High”

According to newly released data from the U.S. Commerce Department, new construction single-family homes rose 5.7 percent in September, making it the fastest growth of new-home sales in the past five months. The largest gains were in the Southern (11.2+) and Western (9.7+) regions of the US. This newsworthy industry intel is certainly a boost to all who are in the home construction business. Read More

"Warming Up with Radiant Heat”

The 3 AM tip-toed scamper to the bathroom can be avoided! Not with a prescription, but with the increased comfort of warm,radiant-heated floors. The concept of radiant heat has been around since the Ancient Romans, but allowing heat to rise naturally to create even warmth in a room is finally starting to gain in popularity for today's homeowners. Instead of conventional heating systems where a radiator sits against a wall creating pockets of hot and cold air throughout the room, this highly energy-efficient system heats your floors, which then transfers heat evenly throughout the rest of the room. Read More

“The Joys of Radiant Floor Heat”

In many parts of the U.S. and Canada, cold temperatures are already settling in. This is delightful when you're relaxing in front of your fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa, but not so much when you step onto cold bathroom tile first thing in the morning. Read More


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