It's been a rather tame winter in the U.S., especially here in the Midwest, and though the temperatures have yet to drop to a frigid point, even 30°F degree weather can take its toll both inside and out. And, cold, icy floors in the early morning hours are like an unwelcome friend who barges in unexpectedly. Many homeowners just cringe and resign themselves to deal with the cold floors, but with electric floor heating your problems are solved, and your feet are happy again.

warm feet with radiant heat

One of the biggest misconceptions is that your floor covering choice limits you from warming up your icy floors. Though ceramic tile is the most common floor covering used with electric floor heating, as identified by, you can heat virtually any floor covering by adding radiant heat. In fact, we like to pride ourselves on having the right radiant solution for every area of your life. Ceramic, stone, hardwood, floating wood, laminate, carpet, and, yes, even that beautiful marble floor! You name it and it can be heated!

With it’s optimal energy efficiency fit for a green-built house, costing less than $0.16 per day for a large master bathroom, and converting 100% of its energy, radiant electric floor heating is very energy-efficient. Rather than warming the air in the house, it warms you and the objects around you. Our floor heating systems can be used as a primary heat source in your bathroom, set for ambient or room temperature. We offer the hottest floor-heating mat on the market, utilizing the full 15-watts per square foot for optimum heat output and a fast warm-up time.

LAVA radiant heating panel

If you're not looking to replace your floor, but you still need more warmth, radiant panels are an excellent way to heat the room and its objects. According to, “radiant panels have [the] quickest response time of any heating technology. Because the panels can be individually controlled for each room, the quick response feature can potentially result in cost and energy savings compared to other systems … when entering a room, the occupant can increase the temperature setting and reach a comfortable level within minutes.”

Our radiant panel called, LAVA®, is a fabulous solution to icy, cold rooms where floor heating and a new floor covering is not a part of your remodeling plans. With a beautifully crafted glass panel that offers multiple options from colored glass or a mirror finish, to Swarovski ELEMENTS® crystal designs, the LAVA® provides all the health benefits of floor heating, and is esthetically designed to perfectly accent any room of your home.

Save yourself from the cold and add a radiant solution for your home. With radiant heating, there are no more excuses for an icy floor!