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This week's featured articles:

"Industry Intel: Improved Housing Market Report"

With reports of an improving housing market the industry breathes a sigh of relief. Yes, we all remember the housing market crash of 2008, a record low that everyone in the industry felt deeply. But, thankfully, new reports show that recovery and restoration is on its way. This year, only two months into 2012, the number of housing markets showing significant improvement has nearly doubled. The National Association of Home Builders/First American (NAHB) Improving Markets Index (IMI) revealed that they have seen an addition of 40 new metros and that 76 markets are improving. Read More

"Seven Steps to Turbo-Charge Your Efficiency"

Let’s face it, one of the most valuable commodities in any busy person’s life is time. No matter how much we may wish for it, making more of it is simply outside the reaches of modern science. So how do you stretch more time out of your finite resource of the same? Efficiency. In short, we may not be able to create more time, but we can turbo-charge the limited time we have. Read More

"Ben Bernanke on Housing"

Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, spoke to the National Association of Home Builders meeting in Orlando, FL today. Housing continues to face difficulties and is a key factor in the currently weak and disappointing economic recovery. Bernanke pointed to too much supply in housing due to vacancies and continued foreclosures across the country. He noted that foreclosures put downward pressure on home prices. At the same time, demand for housing is soft due to unemployment, uncertain job prospects and the lack of willingness of potential buyers to commit to buying a home. Bernanke also cited the availability — or lack of availability — of mortgage credit as a key factor. Given all of these, housing may no longer be seen as a secure, must-have, investment. The speech cites various factors facing housing and how this is reflected in and weakens the overall economy. Read More

"Energy Efficient, Icy Floor Solutions"

It's been a rather tame winter in the U.S., especially here in the Midwest, and though the temperatures have yet to drop to a frigid point, even 30°F degree weather can take its toll both inside and out. And, cold, icy floors in the early morning hours are like an unwelcome friend who barges in unexpectedly. Many homeowners just cringe and resign themselves to deal with the cold floors, but with electric floor heating your problems are solved, and your feet are happy again. warm feet with radiant heat. One of the biggest misconceptions is that your floor covering choice limits you from warming up your icy floors. Though ceramic tile is the most common floor covering used with electric floor heating, as identified by, you can heat virtually any floor covering by adding radiant heat. In fact, we like to pride ourselves on having the right radiant solution for every area of your life. Ceramic, stone, hardwood, floating wood, laminate, carpet, and, yes, even that beautiful marble floor! You name it and it can be heated! Read More


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