TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable (Twin) 240V, (3W/ft.), 115 ft., 1.5A

TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable (Twin) 240V, (3W/ft.), 115 ft., 1.5A

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  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Ul listed and Gfci protected
  • Loose cable offers the freedom and flexibility to fit any room shape

TempZone™ Cable with Strips Description

WarmlyYours TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable (Twin) brings the comfort of radiant floor heating to rooms of unusual dimensions. The flexibility of the 240 VAC heating cable makes it a popular option for installers who prefer to work with loose cable. This 115′ TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable (Twin) features a low profile (1/8 inch thick) twin conductor and includes 15’ cold lead. Providing 3 watts/lineal foot, the TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable (Twin) can be installed at either 3” or 4” to meet the heating requirements of your installation. 



Amps 1.57 A
Floor Load 0.4 kW
Ohms 153.333 Ohm
Voltage 240 VAC
Watts 375 W

Warranty / Certifications

Approvals cULus listed
Warranty 25 Year Warranty
Wet Location Listed US, Canada


BTU Per Hour 1280

Product Dimensions

Cable Thickness 0.125″
Cold Lead Length 15′
Coverage 28.75 sqft
Length 115′


Country of Origin (COO) India


Floor Types At 3 inch spacing: tile, stone, laminate, and carpet*. At 4 inch spacing: hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, carpet*. * Note: carpet installations approved in US only when embedded in self-leveling underlayment

Cabling Specs

Ideal Cable Spacing 3″


SKU TCT240-3W-115
UPC (GTIN-12) 881308031312

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How do I work with my electrician to install WarmlyYours electric floor heating?

While WarmlyYours electric radiant floor heating systems are typically installed by your floor covering contractor, a licensed electrician is recommended for the final thermostat hook-up. With every quote, we provide an Installation Plan layout, together with an electrical plan that has all the info required for the electrician.

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Is electric floor heating safe and what about EMF?

Our electric radiant floor heating systems have withstood rigorous safety testing and earned the UL listing. They produce much less EMF than common household appliances like your TV or vacuum cleaner. The EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) tests all electrical devices and publishes the data. Many common household appliances are tested at a distance of 6 inches. The test results indicate that on average, the EMF emitted for the following appliances, measured in Milligauss (mG) units, is:

Vacuum Cleaner: 300 mG

Microwave: 200 mG

Portable Heater: 100 mG

Dishwasher: 20 mG

Washing Machine: 20 mG

WarmlyYours TempZone™ (Twin): 1.8 mG

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How can I determine what I need for my floor heating project and how can I find out what my floor heating system will cost?

You can use the Instant Quote Tool, which gives you many options for your floor heating coverage. Use this interactive tool to design your room online and receive an instant quotation with product recommendations, rough-in and installation kits, cost of your control, etc. Planning your floor heating project is made easy when using our Instant Quote Tool.

Send us your floor plan or fax it to (800) 408-1100 and we will send you a quote, product recommendation and a free custom installation plan for your project.

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What type of flooring can I install along with an electric floor heating system?

WarmlyYours’ TempZone™ product is most commonly installed under tile, stone, and marble flooring, but can also be installed under many other popular floor covering options such as hardwood, vinyl and linoleum. We also have our Environ system, which is an electric floor heating product as well and is specially designed for installation under carpet (in the U.S. only), laminate and floating wood. WarmlyYours can accommodate any flooring type with either of the electric radiant floor heating products that we offer. If your flooring type isn't listed here, just give us a call at (800) 875-5285 and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

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How do you keep a sunroom warm in the winter?

Sunrooms can be very cold during the winter months. While a furnace may push some warm air into the room, the large number of windows, exterior walls, and other causes of heat loss in a sunroom will typically keep it from having a comfortable temperature level. Floor heating and radiant panels will add radiant heat, which the human body absorbs faster than other forms of heat, to the room so that it feels warm even at lower temperatures.

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Customer Reviews

TempZone™ Cable with Strips achieved an average rating of 4.9 stars with 7 reviews by our customers.

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The company was great

Jeff G., New Windsor, NY on 11/06/2016

The company was great. After drawing up a floor plan it went unnoticed that the dimensions of the room were wrong resulting in a cable that was way to long. This was realized once the cable arrived to be installed. Calling up for support they tried to reconfigure the layout to no avail. They kind folks at WarmlyYours re-drew the room to the correct dimensions, took back the too long cable, and shipped the correct length in addition to giving me a price adjustment based on the shorter length. The install went well and now I am enjoying nice warm tile floors in my office. Diane was involved throughout the whole process, being very understanding and supportive.

Instructions were very thorough

George W., Erie, PA on 09/10/2016

Everything has gone real well so far. Installation went good and initial start-up went without a hitch. The instructions were very thorough making installation easy. The cable checking throughout installation gave me piece of mind there are no problems under tile. Haven't needed to use yet but that will change in the next month or two.

We love the heated floor!

Tony S., Farmville, VA on 04/18/2016

We love the heated floor! My wife was skeptical until the first cool night; now we never want to go back to cold tile.

Far surpassed our expectations

Robin R., Lake Zurich, IL on 04/16/2016

I love my heated floor! It far surpassed our expectations and has even heated the room which is on a north wall. The pipes froze the previous year and that hasn't happened since the heated floor went in.

No increase in electrical bill

Steve M., GOSHEN, IN on 04/16/2016

We love it! No more cold feet on the tile! Easy to program on/off times and seen no increase in electrical bill.

Works well.

Joe M., White Bear Lake, MN on 04/16/2016

Works well. Wiring connections to the second conductor (sheathing) is difficult.

WarmlyYours was very attentive

Chris D., Spearman, TX on 04/16/2016

Everything needed to install our new floor heating system was delivered as promised. I was able to install the support structure and heating cable with no problems. The customer support team at WarmlyYours was very attentive and provide all the installation guidance that I needed. It has been 6 months since we moved in and the heated floor is one of the best parts about our new house. I would recommend your product to anyone!

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