Countertop Heater | FeelsWarm® Countertop Heater Kit (11 in. x 48 in. Heater, Transformer and Control Switch) | CTHS-015-11x48-KIT


Countertop Heaters from WarmlyYours bring soothing and pleasant warmth to any countertop made of stone, granite or other organic material that can become chilly to the touch. Ultra-low-profile and virtually invisible, WarmlyYours FeelsWarm® Countertop Heaters adhere discreetly to the underside of the countertop to gently warm the surface 20-25 degrees above room temperature. These standard 11” x 48” countertop heaters are ideal for longer counters or bars. With the adhesive backing, installation is easy. Use the programmable control to set your WarmlyYours FeelsWarm® Countertop Heater to turn on and off according to your schedule. This is perfect for conserving energy when you don’t need warmed counters and for ensuring comfort when you do.*FeelsWarm® technology is a registered trademark of Heated Stone Products, patent pending.



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