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Perched high on the bluffs of Watch Hill, Rhode Island, the Ocean House Hotel is one of the last remaining grand oceanfront hotels and resorts in New England. Reconstructed to pay tribute to its storied past, the Ocean House is influenced by New England’s golden age of hospitality and offers timeless elegance and renewed civility.

Open year round, the refurbished Ocean House now offers a seaside oasis for all seasons with 49 guestrooms and luxury suites. It is designed with elegantly appointed interiors and impeccable intimate spaces along with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean that are visible from every corner of the hotel, with Block Island, Rhode Island, and Montauk, New York, beyond.

Built in 1868, the original Ocean House was the last remaining water front Victorian Era hotel on the mainland of Rhode Island.

Before the renovation of the hotel, the Ocean House did not have any established system for heating, air conditioning, or ventilation. It was a seasonal hotel only open three months out of the year. Over time, the 138-year- old structure of the current building was not compliant with local building safety codes and only 59 of the original 159 rooms could only be used.

With the assistance of WarmlyYours, the Ocean House Hotel has been recreated to convey the romance of its storied past and the rich character of Watch Hill, Rhode Island. The installment of WarmlyYours’ TempZoneTM radiant floor heating delivers the comfort and luxury of warmth that was lacking in the original Ocean House.

Now, with the installment of radiant floor heating, the Ocean House Hotel truly reflects its surrounding environment, bringing the sensation of sun kissed sand within the floors of the hotel. The tangible atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility created with the help of WarmlyYours, assures guests comfort and convenience enhanced by luxuriousness in the most memorable of settings.

ART: Adaptive Radiant Technology

Based on the principle of the warm heat from the sun, radiant heat is a sustainable, adaptive, and healthy heat that is absorbed and is not prone to heat loss or overheating. A Harvard University Study confirmed that physical warmth, caused by radiant heating, directly affects and improves emotional well being, while influencing positive behavior.

Not only does radiant heating improve emotional health, but it also increases energy efficiency. With the use of radiant heat as a primary heating source, temperature levels can be maintained, on an average of 5.6% lower than any other form of heating. That means, for every degree you lower your thermostat, you can save 5% off

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