Floor Heating

Snow Melt & Deicing

Case Studies

See how WarmlyYours has helped add radiant heating to a variety of projects, from a yoga yurt studio to luxury condominiums.

High-Rise 5th Avenue Condominiums

WarmlyYours had the great privilege of adding the luxury and comfort of radiant floor heating to the residences on 1212 Fifth Avenue.

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Concrete Handicap-Accessible Ramp

WarmlyYours was able to collaborate with ABCO Electric to install our heated cable snow melting system for a concrete access ramp.

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Lincoln Park Smiles

With help from JM Industries, WarmlyYours automatic snow-melt cable system was placed under the outdoor tile landing and steps, in order to eliminate snow and ice.

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Ocean House

With the installment of radiant floor heating, the Ocean House Hotel truly reflects its surrounding environment, bringing the sensation of sun kissed sand within the floors of the hotel.

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Slate Shingle Roof

In order to prevent ice and snow damage, Rob Robillard shares and demonstrates how to install WarmlyYours gutter deicing system on an old house in Massachusetts.

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Tompkins Residential

Over the course of three days, Tompkins incorporated WarmlyYours Snow Melting Heating Mats under the driveway and the walkway of a residential home in Methuen, Massachusetts.

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Yoga Yurt Studio

WarmlyYours was contracted for their floor heating under carpet to be installed in a yurt (a portable tent structure) for a nonprofit 7 Centers Yoga Arts Studio.

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Universal Design Living Laboratory

WarmlyYours had the unique opportunity of providing radiant floor heating for a Universal Design project with Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti and husband, Mark Leder.

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LUX 74 Residences

Along with walnut vanities, Jacuzzi bathtubs, and Toto Ultimate toilets, the lavish bathrooms are garnished with Bianco Gioia marble floors that are warmed by our TempZone floor heating system.

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Kenmore Senior Apartments

For senior citizens, warmth is not just a matter of comfort. It’s a matter of health. The CHA recognized the value of radiant heating systems in making the Kenmore apartments more livable and healthier.

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