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WarmlyYours FeelsWarm®
Custom Countertop HeatersHow To Order

The FeelsWarm® Custom Countertop Heating Mats are uniquely tailored to perfectly fit the exact dimensions of your countertop, and because these are custom-made to order it is not available for direct order online. So we thought we'd provide you with a few steps that we recommend in order to purchase and begin enjoying your countertop heating as soon as possible.

  • Call a WarmlyYours Sales Representative. First step is to contact a representative who will be your constant support and expert all throughout the process. Call us today at (800) 875-5285!
  • An Installation Plan and Free Quote. Once your measurements are completed and sent to your WarmlyYours rep, we'll send those measurements to our skilled engineers and turn them into a customized installation plan with a free, no obligation quote for your FeelsWarm® Custom Countertop Heating Mat.
  • Time to Place Your Order. After receiving the measurements and the installation plan, the last, and very important step in the process is to place your order! For our custom-fit mats, expect one week for design and production of your mat, plus shipping time.

To give you an idea of the pricing for WarmlyYours FeelsWarm® Custom Countertop Heaters, here is a list of estimated prices based on square footage:

Area (Sq. Ft.) Cost
1-2 Sq. Ft. $449.00-$599.00
3-4 Sq. Ft. $749.00-$859.00
5-6 Sq. Ft. $999.00-$1,139.00
7-8 Sq. Ft. $1,279.00-$1,419.00
9-10 Sq. Ft. $1,559.00-$1,699.00
12-14 Sq. Ft. $1,859.00-$2,279.00
15-16 Sq. Ft. $2,399.00-$2,519.00
17-18 Sq. Ft. $2,639.00-$2,759.00
19-20 Sq. Ft. $2,879.00-$2,999.00
21-22 Sq. Ft. $3,119.00-$3,239.00
23-24 Sq. Ft. $3,359.00-$3,479.00

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