Standard Countertop Heaters


  • Plug into a regular 120V outlet

  • Ultra-slim profile: less than 0.025", thinner than 9 sheets of paper

  • 3 years for heating element, 2 years for controls/accessories

  • Increases the surface temperature by up to 25°F

  • Commonly installed underneath granite and stone countertops


Eliminate the cold feel of granite, marble, and stone countertops by providing warm, radiant heat with a WarmlyYours FeelsWarm®* standard countertop heater. Ultra-low-profile and virtually invisible, these heaters make comfortable warmth an option even for smaller sections of your counter space. Conveniently sized to heat an individual area, these standard heaters can be used individually or in combination with others to cover larger sections. The WarmlyYours FeelsWarm® standard countertop heaters adhere discreetly and permanently to the underside of the countertop and gently warm the surface 20-25 degrees above room temperature. The location of the heater tail (which connects the heater to the transformer) is predetermined and is not adjustable. 
Comes with a step-down plug-in transformer (which converts the 120 VAC input voltage to 24 VAC) and a Surface Prep Kit for installation on rough under-counter surfaces. Please note that standard countertop heaters will ship 2-3 business days after they are ordered. 
If you wish to add a control option to a standard countertop heater, you can purchase a Thermal Control Unit (CTH-TCU), sold separately, which has six individual operating settings.  
*FeelsWarm® technology is a registered trademark of Heated Stone Products, patent pending.

Customer Questions & Answers

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Can I use a countertop heater if there is a layer of wood between the heater and the countertop?

Yes, but make sure you provide the details about the layer of particle board or plywood when the order is placed to ensure proper performance. It is pretty common to have particle board/plywood underneath stone as a support. Please note that the included surface prep kit should be used on the wood before adhering the heater. 

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Can the heater be applied to existing countertops?

Yes. If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to give our 24/7 Technical Support a call at 1-800-875-5285.

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When should the included Surface Prep Kit be used?

The peel test strip (included) can be used to evaluate whether the surface of the stone will need the prep coating. Typically this is required for "rough cut" natural stone, which is typically quartz or granite. The Surface Prep Kit can also be used for supporting wood/plywood/particle board. Smooth granite and any stone with a mesh backing will most likely not need the kit. 

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How quickly will the countertop heat up?

The stone countertop may take between 1 and 1 1/2 hours to warm up to reach its stable heat level.

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How warm will the countertop surface get?

Our countertop heaters are specifically designed to gently raise the temperature of the heated area an additional 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Customer Reviews

Standard Countertop Heaters achieved an average rating of 5.0 stars with 5 reviews by our customers.

Easy to install

Chris H., Gypsum, CO on 05/13/2024

Ordered this counter top heating system and it worked great. Was very easy to install and owners are very happy.

My husband is really enjoying the warmly yours heating elemen

Anonymous, San Rafael, CA on 05/17/2023

My husband is really enjoying the WarmlyYours heating element for our new quartz countertop. He often sits and does work in one section, and the quartz is quite cool to the touch. Thank you. You made his day.

Countertop warmers are great!

Tom L., Mirror Lake, NH on 10/11/2021

Got one of these for my wife who absolutely loves it. Installed easily and warms the counter area where my wife likes to sit. Highly recommend to anyone who thinks their granite counter can be too cold sometimes.

Love it

Anonymous, Phoenixville, PA on 02/15/2021

We love our under counter warmer. We have a soapstone counter and it can be cold, but now it's very warm. It improves the overall kitchen experience significantly.

Added heat

Jim H., Gardnerville, NV on 11/30/2020

I purchased 2 11”x33” units and installed them under the overhang of our counter top by myself. It took about 4hrs, did not have to use the epoxy that was supplied. The reason for the heaters is the granite is so cold the it sucks all the heat out of your food. Since the install everyone loves them. Thanks

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