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“Warming Up” to the Under Area Rug Warmer


My house is about 100 years old and the living room has always been cold in the winter. Warmlyyours has a product called an Under Area Rug Warmer, and I thought that maybe by adding a couple of them in my living room, I could take the chill off the room. My hope was that we would not always have to wear sweaters to be comfortable.

I told my wife that we needed to put a couple of these in our 24’ x 24’ living room to take the coldness away. She responded, “We don’t need those heaters.” My response was to say, “Just give it a try.”

My living room floor is 100 year old oak hardwood. So I proceeded to first put a layer of cork over my oak floors to protect them and to act as insulation to make the area heaters more efficient. I did this only where the area warmers would be positioned beneath the area rug. Then I installed 2 area rug warmers on top of the cork. I plugged the heaters into the 120 volt outlet and powered them up.

My wife came home and said, “Look, now the rug has something underneath it….” Also her response was “and why do you have these cords going under the sofa?” I replied, “I have to plug them in somewhere.” Again she said,” We don’t need this stuff.” I said, “Give it a couple days… if you don’t like the heaters, I’ll remove them.”

Approximately 2 days later she says, “My cat really, really likes the new heaters.” Well at that point I felt I had a 51% chance of keeping them in my living room. A few more days passed and she says,” I have to turn the heat down in the living room because it’s too warm now.” My only response was, “Imagine that”.

We have 16 double hung windows in this room with ropes and weights, which are what I affectionately call “Beautifully Inefficient”. This is the first time in 14 years my living room has been comfortable. This spring has also been a surprise - we use the rug heaters to take the chill off the room and we don’t even need to turn the furnace on at all now.

The first thing my wife says to every person who comes over to visit us is, “Come check out our floor heat, its awesome.” Three of my neighbors have already made purchases from WarmlyYours to heat different areas of their homes and are completely satisfied with the results.

On behalf of myself, my wife and her cat, “Thank You” WarmlyYours.

National Accounts Manager, Warmlyyours

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