San Bernardino CA SkylineSituated in the Riverside-San Bernardino metropolitan area, San Bernardino serves as the county seat of San Bernardino County, California. It’s the 17th-largest city in California, and the 100th-largest city in the United States. The city lies in the San Bernardino foothills and the eastern portion of the San Bernardino Valley, roughly 60 miles (97 km) east of Los Angeles. 

Relative to other areas in Southern California, San Bernardino winters are colder with frost while chilly to cold morning temperatures are common. Snow flurries occur upon occasion. San Bernardino gets an average of 16 inches (406 mm) of rain, hail, or light snow showers each year. With those variable winter conditions, a tile or stone floor can feel even colder underfoot. Why not warm up those cold floors with a little radiant floor heat?

Floor Heating Takes the Chill Off Cold Bathroom Tile

These San Bernardino homeowners needed to warm up the elegant but cold tile flooring in their newly remodeled bathroom, so they decided to add underfloor heating to their medium master bath. Radiant heating is the perfect solution to bring welcoming warmth and luxury to daily lives. For their project, these owners selected a 1.5- by 38-foot TempZone™ Flex Roll to install in their 70-square-foot bathroom. The cost was only $598.50 or $10.50 per square foot (see floor plan).

Bathroom Floorplan with Radiant HeatIn addition to the material cost, the operating cost should also be factored into the remodeling budget. WarmlyYours’ Operating Cost Calculator figures in the average kWh cost in San Bernardino of 16.23 cents resulting in a daily cost of 24 cents to heat this bathroom for four hours a day, a small price to pay for the comfort and luxury of a soothingly warm bathroom tile floor. In addition, it only costs just over $26.00 to heat the bathroom annually, based on WarmlyYours’s heat loss calculations. Furthermore, the system can be the primary heating source for the room which is an additional cost and energy savings advantage.

Check Out Your Cost Options with the Instant Quote Tool

Curious about how much it would cost to add in-floor heating to a bathroom or any other room in your home? It’s both quick and easy to see with WarmlyYours’ Instant Quote Tool. Just fill in some parameters about your project and the tool will provide a side-by-side comparison of the recommended products for your room along with their costs. 

TempZone Side-By-Side Comparison Chart for San Bernardino Bathroom Floor PlanAlthough these San Bernardino homeowners selected the TempZone™ Flex Roll, the comparison below shows their chosen option along with two alternatives featuring TempZone™ cable as noted. Options 1 and 3 feature two different types of TempZone™ Cable. The first option costs a bit more for the Prodeso Membrane and easy free form installation while the Option 3 TempZone™ Cable offers the lowest cost but a bit more labor is required for installation. Each of the cable systems have another spacing option that can further reduce the price, but will affect the total watts/sq ft² of radiant heat. These San Bernardino homeowners ultimately chose Option 2 with the TempZone™ Flex Roll because they wanted the highest watts/sq ft² of heat in their bathroom at a reasonable cost. For more information explore the easy to use Instant Quote Tool for your own room. 

Free Installation Plan Helps You Start Smart

Bathroom with Radiant Floor HeatIn addition, the SmartPlan™, our free custom installation plan, will specify all the relevant information you will need to get your project swiftly underway. To obtain a custom installation plan for your room, you can submit a floor plan online, or send it to your account manager via email ( or fax at (800) 408-1100.

There are a few ways to reach us should any questions arise. 1) Simply call us at 800-875-5285, 2) live chat us at, or 3) email us When you are ready to install your floor heating, our technical support experts are available 24/7 at 800-875-5285. For more information on all our radiant heating products, visit our website at 

Maybe you live in San Bernardino or another city with cold flooring . . . no matter where you live you can be sure that WarmlyYours has the radiant heating solution designed to meet your every need.

Skyline photo courtesy of Atomicwarrior76 on wikipedia.