As the northernmost city in the United States, Seattle is even farther north than Canadian cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, at about the same latitude as Salzburg, Austria. It encompasses a land area of 83.9 square miles. The topography of Seattle is hilly. The city lies on several hills, including Capitol Hill, First Hill, West Seattle, Beacon Hill, Magnolia, Denny Hill, and Queen Anne. 

Environ Kit with nSpire Touch & Circuit Check

Seattle's climate is classified as oceanic or temperate marine, with cool, wet winters. That damp coolness can make your basement or any floor in your home downright inhospitable. However, there’s an easy affordable solution; electric floor heating is just the answer to those cold, uncomfortable floors. 

Library/Bedroom Made More Livable with Underfloor Heating

These Seattle homeowners decided to turn a basement room into a library that would also serve as a bedroom for visiting friends and family, which made it the perfect time to consider in-floor heating to warm up the cold basement floor. They purchased a WarmlyYours Environ™ flex roll floor heating system to keep the library/guest bedroom comfortably cozy during the winter rainy season. The 1.5- by 45-foot Flex Roll fills 67.5 square feet of floor space and costs just $608.00, which equates to around $9.00 per square foot. The Flex Roll is easy to cut and turn to effectively fill the floor space with 12 watts per square foot of soothing radiant heat. (see floor plan)

Basement Floorplan with Radiant Heat

Operating the floor heating is also very economical. According to WarmlyYours’ Operating Cost Calculator, it only costs 26 cents a day to heat this library/bedroom for eight hours. Based on WarmlyYours’ Heat Loss Calculator the highest the monthly electric bill for this room would reach is less than $34.00 during the coldest month of the year. Another bonus is that the floor heating system can be the primary heat source for this room, so there won’t be any additional heating bills.

Radiant Heat is the Primary Heat Source. See Why.

WarmlyYours’s Heat Loss Calculator will ask for a few details about your desired room temperature, how well your room is sealed, and other specifics to determine how much heat is being lost. Then it will calculate whether or not radiant floor heat can be your primary heat source.

Heat Loss Calculation Graph-Basement

In this instance, the library/bedroom is located above a heated room and the ceilings in the room are 9 feet. Based on WarmlyYours’s Heat Loss Calculator, a floor-heating system can be the primary heat source for this room so no additional heating will be necessary; a substantial cost and energy savings. If the room contained significant heat loss sources, WarmlyYours would recommend radiant floor heat as a supplementary heat source instead. Check out WarmlyYours’s Heat Loss Calculator firsthand to see if radiant heat can be your room’s primary heat source. 

Quickly Get Your Cost with Our Free Instant Quote Tool 

Female Bare Feet Bedroom Hardwood Floor Stock PhotoTo find out the cost of supplying in-floor heating to your library, bedroom — or to any room in your home — check out WarmlyYours' Instant Quote Tool online. This tool will show you the exact product(s) you need along with the cost. 

In addition to the Instant Quote tool, you can also upload your floor plan online to get a more detailed installation plan, which shows exactly how the floor-heating system should be laid out. This plan makes installation easier for you or your installer and also gives our technical team more information to help you during your installation if you have any questions.

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