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Brighten Up Your Older New England Home

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Although not entirely limited to New England, many colonial style homes from the 19th century or earlier can be small and boxy, especially come the colder autumn and winter months. One of the best way to combat enclosed rooms and low ceilings are with some brighter décor themes - both literally and figuratively.

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So don't suffer the winter doldrums in a home with dower Victorian stylings. Why not inject some good times into your home instead? Here are some tips to get started.

Get colorful
A little color goes a long way, and a lot of color goes even further. Sometimes the best complement to old-fashioned interior architecture and molding is a blast of bright primaries. Pick a few yellows you'd not normally be bold enough to use - after all, you can always paint over it again if the color's not to your taste. Try painting adjoining walls different colors, like sky blue and sunflower gold. A vibrant green might make for the perfect bathroom hue, but it'll look even better when paired with a stylish white shower curtain spotted with shocking pink flower petals. Remember to get your furnishings in on the paint job. Redo a chair or two in colors that complement your kitchen table.

Hang your own art
Why not devote a wall or two of your living room to being a gallery space. But just like a real gallery, don't hang a bunch of prints. Rather, put up a few of your own paintings, photos or stylish creations. Perhaps you weave or do needlepoint - whatever your artistic proclivity, display it on the wall. You can commission pieces from friends as well, as just about everyone knows at least one professional photographer in training! Giving your artwork a personal touch and context is sure to brighten your home.

Go pet-friendly
One of the best ways to warm up a home, especially in winter months, is with a new pet. If you've been considering making the leap and adopting a dog or cat, now might be the perfect time. Not only is the autumn prime dog-training season, but you'll love the company on the couch come chilly December. Be sure to keep you and your new pet warm and healthy with radiant floor heating. Radiant heat will fit cozily under your floorboards, and is not only energy-efficient but won't jeopardize air quality the way forced air heat can. Nothing brightens the home like a new four-legged family member, so make sure and keep it warm too!

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