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Environ II™ Install Pointers

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Scott Rosenbaum, WarmlyYours

Environ II™ (EV II) is the WarmlyYours floor heating product which is specially designed for a floating floor application. There are a few things to keep in mind when installing floating wood or laminate floors with electric radiant heat.

The EVII System is a very thin (1/16") mat that is installed between the underlayment and the flooring. The EVII system has 1/4" diameter electric lead for each mat. This fact is very important to remember. If the floating floor is going to be installed over concrete, it will require an underlayment that is the same height as the electric lead. 1/4" cork is the perfect underlayment for this application. It provides enough height above the concrete to return the electric leads back to the thermostat, and it provides insulation from the "heat-robbing" concrete slab. Be sure to follow the cork manufacturer's recommendations for attaching the cork to the type of sub-floor you have.

If the floating floor is being installed over a wood sub-floor and floor height is a concern, the installer can use a router to route out a 1/4" path in the wood for each mat’s lead. The routed path will accommodate the leads return back to the thermostat (as long as the structural integrity of the sub-floor is not compromised).Doing this will allow use of a thinner underlayment over the wood sub-floor.

In addition to keeping these facts in mind, please follow the flooring manufacturer's recommendations regarding the installation of their product. With most floating flooring, the flooring is never affixed to the subfloor. Never nail the flooring down, and always allow for the recommended expansion of the flooring around the perimeter of the room. This means that there is going to be a gap between the flooring and the wall. This gap allows the flooring to expand & contract as the weather conditions change. If this simple rule isn't followed, the floor will probably become uneven.

If the installer ever has any questions during the EV II floor heating installation, they can always call us 24/7 at (800) 875-5285.

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