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First Time Installation Is A Breeze

Stradwick Install Radiant Floor HeatingRecently, the Branch Manager of WarmlyYours Canadian office, Elodie Pasek, went on site to supervise a first time installation of TempZone™, our radiant floor heating system for under tile and stone. The install takes place at the Stradwick Carpet One location in Mississauga, ON, Canada. Read about it in Elodie’s own words.

Elodie, if you please…

This story is the perfect example of the WarmlyYours Advantage: Fast, Personal and Easy.

FAST: Stradwick contacted me earlier this week about a basement renovation project where floor warming would be installed over concrete. They informed me that the installation was scheduled on Saturday and that they were in a hurry to get an installation plan and all the materials before then. Getting them everything they needed on their timeline was not an issue. The custom installation plan was submitted and finalized within 24 hours! Once they double checked the dimensions, the store contacted me to place the order the following day.

PERSONAL: Because it was their first time at attempting to install a WarmlyYours system, they asked if someone from WarmlyYours would be able to oversee the installation. I agreed to meet them on Saturday morning.

EASY: I went through the basics of the installation with the install crew and this it what they had to say: "We installed other floor warming systems in the past, but it was never as easy as this installation, like day and night! [...] this product is very flexible to install and so thin!"

Originally, the homeowner had selected just one area of his room for floor heating coverage. Once we were on site, the homeowner changed his mind. He decided that he wanted to expand the coverage to include the walkway leading up to the original area he wanted to warm. Because of the flexible design of the WarmlyYours roll, it was not a problem. We were able to use the free-form technique and also adjust the “cut and turn" to give him the additional coverage he wanted. Now, the homeowner won't have to worry about cold spots.

Remember to always test the roll prior to installation and to install the floor sensor! Sometimes installers forget or they think that these things really aren’t necessary. Taking these simple steps will avoid many of the common problems we see during installations (including this one). To view a floor heating video installation, go to: https://www.warmlyyours.com/en-CA/install/floor-heating/videos/

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