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From "Uh-Oh" to "No worries"

Our marketing manager helped with an installation in Winnetka, IL. When the homeowner asked to remove 6 tiles after the installation had been complete, the floor heating system's integrity was compromised, but WarmlyYours' 24/7 technical support helped make it right.

The big topic this week was my experience with the installation of an electric floor heating system in Winnetka. During this installation I had the pleasure of working with our tech team on several occasions. While I was initially installing the warming roll I had several questions for our technical team. My questions were handled promptly by the technical team, which is so valuable when you are installing a product yourself (or having a trades person present while their meter is running).

After the radiant floor heating system was completely installed a final Ohm's reading was taken and the circuit check was attached. Everything worked to perfection but after the flooring tiles were partially installed the client requested that several tiles be replaced. It was made clear that changing the tiles at this stage could compromise the floor heating system but the client still wanted to proceed. There were a total of 6 tiles that were removed. 5 came off without incident, but the circuit check sound its alarm during the removal process. Once the circuit check stated to "chirp" we immediately stopped and inspected the floor warming system to see if damage had occurred to the warming cable. There was a small section of warming cable that had been nicked while the tile setter chiseled the thin set after removing the tiles. I called our 24/7 Technical line one more time to discuss what should be done to repair the break in the warming cable. After some discussion it was made clear that splicing the damaged heating cable was the best approach to fix the problem.

Keith from the WarmlyYours tech support team helped our contractor fix the line which included soldering the wires; crimping the connection and finally attaching a section of heat shrink tubing over the reconnected section. After the section was repaired the circuit check was silent. You have no idea how relieved I was to have the system repaired with a solid Ohm's reading and a silent circuit check.

In conclusion I want to stress my sincere thanks and appreciation to our entire Technical Support Team. A big thank you to Chris, Seth, Chad and Keith. Without their assistance we would have not been able to complete the project. This experience also reinforced to me how critical and valuable our Technical Support is to all our customers. Our 24/7 Technical Support is definitely something we want to continue to communicate to the marketplace as another advantage of working with WarmlyYours.

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