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Highlighting Nature In Your Interior Decor

Looking to commune a bit more with nature - even while you're inside? While plenty of houses tend to lean toward either rustic or modern decor, the majority of homeowners keep their interior design situated in the gray regions between. So while a modern or contemporary space can feel antiseptic and cold, going overboard on the rustic can start to turn your home into too much of a cabin. Striking the right balance is all about highlighting the natural elements you have on display. Consider a few of these tips for bringing out the best in nature that your home has to offer.

Bring out your local side
Can you imagine a desert home without stucco or adobe-style siding? How about a barn-style New England home without maple ceiling beams? Going local is all about picking out the most essential natural elements of your home region, big or small. Draw on your town or state routes, whether that means installing a cactus in one corner or having a stylish mounted clock from the nearby brass capital of the world! All of these elements started in the earth before defining their region's style and interior design.

Focus on natural materials
Whether this means you feature primarily natural materials in your design or your use them sparingly so as to make them the focal point is up to you, both tactics have a lot to offer. In a modern or contemporary home where many of the materials are man-made (plastic, metal, ceramic), why not draw the eyes to a large stone fireplace fixture in the living room? For a more rustic space, use specific earth-tones and plenty of wood for a nature-infused ambiance.

Go for green
Highlight nature in your home by treating it right. Going green with your decor and fixtures is an excellent way to pay back Mother Nature for everything that's gone into your home. Energy-efficient updates like radiant heat can help keep your utilities bill down, but it'll also shrink your carbon footprint - and even uses totally natural convection currents to heat a home. Radiant floor heating is only one way to start greening your space though. Consider giving your kitchen an energy efficient renovation, and why not plant a few trees in the yard to add to your gorgeous view? Bringing plants inside also makes for a spectacular option!

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